‘UK’s most hated girl’ cons the nation as soon as once more however says ‘you must do it’

A controversial influencer ditched her ‘farmer’ accent – all so she could get ahead in life.

Carla Bellucci was dubbed ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ after conning the NHS by faking depression for a nose job – but she has fooled the country once more.

That’s because the outspoken mum, 42, revealed her TOWIE inspired accent has been fake all along – and that she is originally from Suffolk.

The mum-of-four, who hails from Lowestoft, pretended to be from Essex to get a leg up in the glamour model industry.

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Carla Bellucci
The glamorous mum has no regrets – saying it ‘worked wonders’ for her career

Revealing all to the Daily Star, Carla said it was ultimately a sexier twang, and she encouraged more people to transform how they speak.

“I’m originally from Suffolk and we all talk like farmers,” she said. “I lost my country accent on purpose as I thought it would hold me back. I think I have fooled everyone and I never like to admit that I’m from Suffolk – I think I sound sexier with an Essex accent.”

Carla – who partied with England stars before the Euros – went on to regret manipulating the NHS after her life was later saved in childbirth but she has no apologies to make here.

She said her decision “worked wonders” in her past life when she posed for lads mags and seduced callers on Babestation.

The influencer, who now lives in Hitchin, Herts, maintains her Essex drawl to this day and said she has been shunned by some in her hometown because of it.

Her loved ones were also uncomfortable with her choice and she remembered: “My family were in shock and kept asking why I spoke like that and in interviews I always stated I was an Essex girl.

“They were baffled and thought I was ashamed of being from Lowestoft and a lot of my local friends fell out with me and never spoke to me again from my hometown – they think I went stuck up.”

Carla Bellucci
The former glamour model also said it helped for marketing herself on OnlyFans – before she quit the platform

Carla Bellucci
The mum has told others to simply change their accents if they are not fond of it

She still “hates” the Suffolk accent and she offered an argument of why others should be inspired by her deceit.

“You have to do you,” she said. “If changing your accent works, why not? People change their clothes and their style all the time and nobody says anything.

“My attitude is if you are not happy with something, change it. I like my voice and the way I talk now because it is sexier than sounding like a farmer.”