Cheapest pint of beer within the UK shouldn’t be up north – however down south, new knowledge reveals

The cheapest pint of beer in the UK is not up north – but down south, new data shows.

Researchers found the average price for a draught pint of lager is just £3.25 in Southend-on-Sea.‌ The Essex seaside resort’s bevvies are almost a third cheaper than the national average of £4.77 and half of the price charged in London bars, where the same drink typically costs a wallet-busting £6.50.

‌Amazingly, despite the gulf in prices, only around 40 miles separate the coastal city and the capital. Famous for boasting the longest pleasure pier in the world – at 1.34 miles – Southend is one of just two places in the south to feature in the top 10 cheapest towns for a pint.‌

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Southend is the home of the cheapest pint, apparently
Southend is the home of the cheapest pint, apparently

Hundreds of miles away to the north, Sunderland in Tyne & Wear, and Perth, Scotland, have the next most affordable watering holes with an average price for a pint at £3.50, followed by Coventry (£3.65), Hull (£3.88) and Exeter (£3.99). Aberdeen, Carlisle, Doncaster and Dundee, where the price is typically £4, complete the top ten.

‌After London, Lisburn has the priciest pints at £6.10, shows the data from Numbeo, a global database that tracks the cost of everything from house prices to taxi fares.

‌The Northern Irish city is followed by Brighton (£6), Westminster (£6), Oxford (£5.95), Belfast (£5.50), Cambridge (£5.25), Edinburgh (£5.20), Bristol (£5) and Canterbury (£5).

Go south to get a cheap pint
Go south to get a cheap pint

‌Office rental firm Spacepool, which collated the figures, found Southampton, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Liverpool and Newcastle were the best spots for after-work drinks, as all five have a sub-£5 pint price and the most highly-rated city centre boozers.

‌The company’s CEO and founder Eugene Tavyev said: “The rising price of a pint won’t stop office workers from seeking a nearby spot for a post-work drink. The tradition of unwinding and debriefing with colleagues after a long day at a desk is still very much alive.

“But, like with anything, the quality of the things we’re spending our hard-earned money on still comes into play. It’s reassuring for those working in the heart of a UK city, that they’re never too far away from a good quality pint with good people.”

‌Top 10 cheapest pints

  1. Southend-on-Sea £3.25‌
  2. Perth £3.50‌
  3. Sunderland £3.50‌
  4. Coventry £3.65‌
  5. Kingston-upon-Hull £3.88‌
  6. Exeter £3.99‌
  7. Aberdeen £4.00‌
  8. Carlisle £4.00‌
  9. Doncaster £4.00‌
  10. Dundee £4.00

‌Top 10 most expensive pints

  1. London £6.50‌
  2. Lisburn £6.10‌
  3. Brighton & Hove £6.00‌
  4. Westminster £6.00
  5. ‌Oxford £5.95‌
  6. Belfast £5.50‌
  7. Cambridge £5.25
  8. Edinburgh £5.20‌
  9. Bristol £5.00‌
  10. Canterbury £5.00

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