‘Famous singer known as my intercourse line when drunk – and by chance uncovered himself’

A model who offered to pay Rishi Sunak’s Sky bill so he could ‘console himself’ on Babestation claims a famous singer once dialed her sex line.

Beth Bennett, 37, said the popular musician was slurring his words and accidently revealed his true identity – after she asked him to sing.

The gorgeous Kiwi, who poured pints in a country pub after moving to England, said it was a bonkers phone call that she would never forget.

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Beth Bennett
She fell in love with West Ham United after moving to England

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “I have only had one call where I definitely know it was a celebrity – because obviously anyone can say they are because you can’t see them. But I had one man who called me up and he was a lot worse for wear.

“He is a very well known singer and I didn’t quite clock it was him. He gave me his very real first name and everything and he was chatting away.

“He dropped some hints on who he was but not because he was trying to tell me he was famous but he was just telling me where he was from and everything like that.”

But the more the bloke yapped, the more Beth started to believe that he could be someone who was also used to performing on the telly like her, but for very different reasons.

She continued: “I realised after a while who he was and I asked him to sing for me and he sung and he was just off key as he would be when he sings professionally so it was definitely him. That was something…

Beth Bennett
The glamorous model initially wanted to be a police officer

“I think it is nice that he can call up because there is a level of anonymity and we don’t know who people are, anyone could be calling, even day to day guys give a fake name when they call so I think it is nice for celebrities.”

A career chatting to punters on Babestation was not something Beth ever envisaged – and she instead wanted to be a police officer.

But she went to university and left with degrees in marketing and arts before things took an unexpected turn when she became a stripper – after her mum recommended a vague advertisement in the newspaper.

She had performed in musicals as a youngster and the ad her mum showed her was looking for ‘dancers’ – so she gave them a call before learning it was a strip club.

Seeing the funny side, she gave the job a go but eventually left New Zealand for Oxfordshire to work in a pub – before applying for a role at Babestation after she came across the channel while flicking through her TV one night.

She has been there ever since and is now one of longest serving members of the team – but she still recalls having to explain to her family back home what Babestation was.

Beth Bennett
The Babestation model says it was ‘difficult’ telling her mum about her job

“It was very difficult,” she laughed. “So my mum is a bit older and it must have been when I first started here that I wrote to her and tried to explain that it was a television channel and it was called Babestation and obviously she had known what I had done lap dancing wise and she wrote back to say that it sounded interesting.

“And obviously my brother who is a little bit younger than me must have Googled it and the next email I got was ‘so it is pornography’.

“I was like ‘no no no, it’s soft pornography, it is not anything hardcore’, but explaining to people is long because they have so many questions.”