‘I nonetheless look 15 and strangers cannot imagine my age – happening vacation is tough’

Despite being 35, one bloke looks so young, strangers often think he’s a teenager. And now he’s revealed his secrets to looking youthful.

Brandon Miles May, from the US, constantly gets mistaken for someone 20 years his junior because of his youthful looks and is often stopped by airport security.

And now he’s revealed his anti-ageing secrets that make strangers think he’s still a kid.

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His preventive ageing methods began back when Brandon was just 13, when he started a skincare routine and made an effort to maintain a generally healthy lifestyle.

Brandon Miles May
Brandon is 35-years-old but is regularly mistaken as a teen

Since then, Brandon, from Detroit, Michigan, wears sunscreen daily, covers up his skin when he goes outside and has never touched a drop of alcohol in his life.

He also eats a diet of fresh fruit, plant-based food and fish, which he says helps him feel just as young as he did 10 years ago.

Brandon said: “I attribute not drinking to my youthful appearance. Really embodying the feeling of youth. I think it has helped. I think and see myself as young.

“I’ve been staying out of sunlight my whole life. I wear a hoodie to block the sun and use physical coverings on the backs of my hands.”

Brandon Miles May
He slathers himself in sun cream and avoids direct sunlight

The social media content creator admitted that airport security often do a “double take” when they look at him and his passport information.

Most people think that he’s aged between 15 and 19 and he swears that he’s had no cosmetic work done to maintain his extremely youthful appearance.

He says his skincare routine and lifestyle choices are “pretty simple but effective.” Brandon, who also owns a medical communications business, has always had a taste for healthy food.

At 15, he started making some dietary changes such as incorporating green tea and more plant-based foods. At 19 he cut out sugars, grains and carbohydrates and now eats a diet of organic food and lots of low-mercury fish.

skin care
Brandon has a lengthy skincare routine

Brandon reflected: “At 13 I was already starting to become aware of longevity and anti-ageing.

“I was really into nutrition at that stage and keeping my body young. I don’t go heavy on exercise. Too much exercise can cause stress on the body – it can age the body.

“I keep my exercise moderate and gentle – a walk, yoga, and some strength training.”

Brandon says he “invests” time into himself but insists his lifestyle isn’t about living forever – but maintaining his health for as long as possible.

He urged that “living forever isn’t a priority” and instead wants to feel “good” in his body. Despite many people believing they look better in their youth, Brandon thinks he looks a lot better now than he did in his mid-20s.

Brandon said strangers think his lifestyle must be “exhausting” but he says it is simple to follow. And he will still eat treats such as chocolate.

He added: “I eat chocolate every single day. I have 92 per cent to 100 per cent cacao. It’s super bitter.

Brandon Miles May
Brandon still “treats” himself

“I’m pretty flexible too. If I go out for dinner I’ll have some bread and olive oil.”

Brandon has now shared his top tips for anti-ageing, although he’s not a qualified nutritionist so his advice should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Brandon’s tips for anti-ageing

– Stay out of the sun and protective your skin with UV protection clothing

– Wear SPF daily – Eat berries such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries – which he says are anti-inflammatory

– Eat low mercury fish such as sardines which are full of Omega-3

– Eat organic fruit and vegetables

– Avoid carbohydrates, sugar and grains

– Avoid alcohol