‘UK’s first feminine Chancellor losing no time by vowing to turbo-charge economic system’

Vowing to turbo-charge the economy, our new Chancellor is wasting no time.

As former Bank of England economist Rachel Reeves will explain today, reasonable growth can eventually provide the funding to improve key public services as well as put extra money in people’s pockets.

She has also been quick to highlight just how badly the previous government failed – £58billion more could have gone to public services last year if the Conservatives had only been able to grow the economy. Her revelation that the country is £140bn behind where it could have been if the UK had just matched the OECD average for major economies since 2010 is truly heartbreaking.

Imagine what our NHS, schools, police and roads could have looked like. Tough decisions remain in the short-term, however, or those public services will struggle to be revitalised but Reeves is clearly a determined Chancellor who has a workable plan.

This Treasury under new management, working flat out to boost the economy in an alliance with the private sector and international investors, must succeed if the change Britain needs is to be delivered.

A poison Pen

Electoral alliances, tactical voting and a higher turnout halting the rise of Marine Le Pen’s far-right fascistic National Rally in France would be a huge relief.

The exit poll showing the extremists dropping to third behind a left-wing coalition and President Macron’s centrists, would partly vindicate his snap election gamble. There could still be chaos in France’s parliament if no party gains a majority but news the NR looks weaker than feared is a relief.

Lew beauty

Lewis Hamilton is quite justified in shedding a few tears after taking his ninth British Grand Prix victory.

A controversial rule handing the F1 title to rival Max Verstappen in 2021 was a demon that the King of Silverstone has now exorcised.