‘I’m cougar like Kym Marsh – younger lads are higher in mattress however one factor is difficult’

A cougar revealed how bonking younger lads is better – but has a stark warning for Kym Marsh.

The Coronation Street icon, 48, recently posted a love-up snap with her co-star who is nearly 20 years her junior.

Kym is currently starring alongside Samuel Thomas, 29, in the UK and Ireland tour of the 101 Dalmatian musical –who she is now calling the “most amazing man ever” after making their relationship public.

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However, fellow cougar Shirley Rosemary Flynn – also known as Busty Malone – has given her two cents on the budding romance.

The 40-something, who admits to dating lads as young as 18, says that younger men are much better in bed due to having more energy (among other things).

Cougar Shirley Flynn has some words of advice for Kym Marsh

But, Shirley warns that Kym will want to watch out for one thing when dating someone who is much younger – as it’s not always smooth sailing.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Shirley explained: “Kym Marsh is a very attractive hot woman and looks half her age. Since that famous Corrie shower scene, she’d be any young mans fantasy.

“But, younger men can be immature sometimes – you feel like you are mothering them with their immaturity.

“You may not like the same music or same movies, which can be a problem on date nights, and they like to brag to their friends about your sex life sometimes. You feel like your parenting them rather than dating them.

Kym Marsh
Kym Marsh smooching her co-star and new boyfriend – who is 19 years her junior

“They can be demanding with your time and expect you to hang out with them like you were one of their mates and they can be immature with the way they deal with their problems and everyday situations.

“And it can be weird when you have more things in common with their parents than your own boyfriend.”

If Kym – and fellow cougars – manage to get past the awkward family meetings along with the supposed immaturity of a younger man then they’ve hit the jackpot, according to Shirley.

The call centre worker and influencer, who has 100,000 Facebook followers, says that all the benefits are solely to do with the bedroom.

Shirley shared that younger men are better in bed, but fail elsewhere

Shirley shared that she finds men 20 years her junior “more confident” when it comes to bonking as they are willing to explore new things.

That’s compared to older blokes who might suffer from the inability to ‘raise the flag’ (as Shirley puts it) and therefore can’t perform when wanted.

She also noted that confident women like herself and Kym can come across as “intimidating”, which can scare older blokes off.

Shirley continued: “As a mature woman who’s dated toyboys, the benefits are 100% in the bedroom. They are more confident and they are not afraid to try out new things and to explore.

“They have more stamina and they are more confident than older men who have no back bone with an experienced women because half of them can’t ‘raise the flag’.

“And after a night out, end up with a brewers droop and are unable to perform.

“Like me, Kim Marsh is too confident and too intimating for older men to take her on.

She predicts Kym will have a lot of fun with her new lover…

“I tried to take a break from toyboys and was hoping for something more serious. But, older men are not up to the challenge of bedding me.

“Younger men have no fear and are always up for a challenge and to explore new things and they have no responsibilities and up for anything.”

Kym Marsh’s love life has been rocky so far as the former Hear’Say singer has been married three times already. Back in 2021, after two failed marriages, Kym got hitched for the third time.

She married Army Major Scott Ratcliffe, who is 12 years her junior, and admitted at the time he was “her everything, her rock, her soulmate” – despite the naysayers.

In the end it looked like the age-gap doubters were correct. The couple announced they would be separating from their “stressful” marriage just two years later due to conflicting work schedules.

Despite this it looks like her previous age-gap relationship hasn’t scared her off new beau Samuel. Veteran cougar Shirley has warned Kym to not start planning a fourth wedding anytime soon…

Shirley shared: “I’ve dated guys as young as 18 and my advice would be to Kym Marsh or any other cougar; try to have as much fun as possible and don’t start planning any weddings because even though it’s fun and exciting to date younger men, they are not really playing for keeps.

“You both are from different generations and you will find this out in time when you realise you both like different music and your life experiences are different as they are still growing and learning.

“When you get to your 60s his not going to want to be still having fun and excitement and not having nights in married to his carer.

“So Kim, enjoy and get ready to have one of the most exciting times of your life in and out the bedroom especially in the bedroom…”