Omaze followers say the identical factor about newest £5m home – and it isn’t good

Omaze’s latest house in London isn’t winning too many admirers on Facebook. Reaction to the location of the £5million property has done more than split opinion, with a sea of Facebook comments suggesting interest in actually living there is limited.

This month’s draw is a modern home in trendy East London but apparently the idea of living in what Vogue dubbed ‘one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods’, isn’t as popular as one might have assumed.

Raising funds for London’s Air Ambulance Charity, Omaze has previously set tongues wagging with flash pad out in the country from Dorset to Cheshire, Surrey to Cornwall.

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The prize raffle’s Facebook page is typically flooded with Brits gushing how much of a dream home it is up for grabs. Living near Victoria Park in Hackney, however, seems to be an acquired taste despite it being Omaze’s biggest draw ever as it offers a gym, spa and bar plus £250,000 in cash.

Two sinks, no less!

Omaze asked its Facebook community members: “Would you move in and live the dream? Rent the house out and earn £12,000 a month? Or maybe sell up and bank over £5,000,000?”

Responses tended to follow a theme.

One person said: “Sell it doesn’t have a garage or off road parking. Wouldn’t want to leave my car there.”

Living room
Not bad for a tenner

Another wrote: “Even though its a stunning house this is one I’d sell due to the location. A village home with community is more my style, with peace and quiet. Good luck everyone.”

“As lovely as it is I would sell it and move to the Cotswolds, I’m a country girl at heart,” a third shared.

We previously reported how no matter how incredible the house, Omaze winners have often opted to cash in early on. If social reaction is anything to go by, we’ll see the same happen this time around.

The courtyard atrium in the Omaze London home
The courtyard atrium in the Omaze London home

A comment read: “Unfortunately I would sell it, London not for me, I like the countryside and my animals around me. Good luck to everyone else, hopefully somebody will win who would love to live in London. I subscribe anyway, so would be ecstatic if I won anyway xx.”

“It’s a lovely house but London not for me, I loved the last one, now that was my dream house good luck everyone,” another Omaze fan added.

There are exceptions, though.

The snug
The snug

A budding artist replied: “I would live in the house. I have been making art for years and have stored everything for my retirement nest. I could put all my crystal resin and acrylic work up on the walls and have my own art gallery. Then live off the money I make from them. My dream. love and light.”

And a theatre fan quipped: “Oh my! I would live in it for sure! To have a pad in the capital would be amazing. No more hotel stays on theatre nights!!”

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