Prem star’s daughter-in-law lived off Asda Rice Krispies so children might eat meals

The daughter-in-law of Matt Le Tissier lived off Asda Rice Krispies for one whole month – just so her four kids could eat proper meals.

Alex Le Tissier, 32, made the sacrifice when her husband, Matt’s son Mitch, lost his job during the pandemic after having a mental breakdown.

The couple also considered using foodbanks to avoid going hungry but Alex turned to the sex industry to help her family get out of debt.

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Three years on, her life is now a complete contrast from eating 85p cereal for dinner, and this was highlighted in recent days when she booked a last minute trip to Disneyland Paris for her children.

Alex Le Tissier
The brunette beauty is now raking in fortunes for her family

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star about her rags to riches story, she said: “I lived off Rice Krispies – the ASDA brand – for about a month while Mitch lost his job.

“I didn’t know what to do but I’d rather go without than my babies not eating. I am so proud of myself for earning more money than most people in this country now. I have levelled up my life so much but I’m very humble about it and I like to give back to those who are struggling.”

Alex, who grew up in Guernsey and lives in Southampton, is no stranger to struggle after experiencing poverty in the pandemic.

At the time, husband Mitch turned to binge drinking and gambling to escape the reality of not being able to pay for food or rent for his family.

He later told the Daily Star how he would be ‘dead’ if it wasn’t for Alex becoming a racy model while opening up about his demons in a powerful interview.

The pair managed to get through the incredibly difficult time and they are now using their money to give the children magical experiences.

Alex and Mitch Le Tissier
Alex and Mitch have been married for years and have known each other since they were in school

Alex told us: “I was bored on Sunday and it was raining so I wanted to do a nice little surprise – so we are going to Paris and staying in a really nice hotel and doing Disneyland. It makes me emotional that I can just book things last minute and have all my bills paid and be content and chilled.

“I run all my OnlyFans and socials myself so I’m working everyday so it’s nice to have some chill time. I feel like only now people are taking me seriously because this is the most money I’ve ever made and it’s not a phase – it’s just getting bigger and better.”

Despite the undeniable boost to her bank balance, there have been downsides to becoming a household name like her famous father-in-law.

And last month she spoke to us about sometimes feeling fearful in Southampton – after football yobs told her she would be attacked if she kept going to Saints games.

Alex, a lifelong supporter of the club, said the abuse comes from her public falling out with Matt Le Tissier after claiming he turned his back on the couple after she embraced sex work.

Speaking about being targeted on social media and in real life, she told us: “I used to get trolled online but now it’s come into my personal life. I have had things shouted at me from cars and it has always been men. I’ve had ‘Le Tissier slag’ and ‘you’re ruining our club’ shouted at me.”

Matt Le Tissier
Matt Le Tisiser has refused to comment publicly on the fued with his daughter-in-law

The mum, who is finally debt free, added: “I do get worried about someone unstable attacking me in public. I have had threats from Southampton fans in the past like ‘we will break your bones if you keep coming to games’.

“But luckily nothing has happened as of yet but I don’t really go out to clubs or bars around Southampton because of this. Sometimes I feel like I should move out of Southampton but I like it here and I don’t want to give in to the people who abuse me.”