Stunning mannequin wins magnificence pageant and £10,000 prize – however there is a catch

A new model on the scene has won her first beauty pageant and taken home a £10,000 prize. But there’s one key problem.

Model Kenza Layli beat more than 1,500 other competitors after leading a sensational campaign since April. And the prize? Miss AI.

That’s right, the ‘Moroccan’ model is a computer-generated figure who claimed victory in a contest run by the world’s biggest AI Creator platform, Fanvue.

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The 100% AI-generated hijab-wearing influencer, who proudly advocates for women’s empowerment, managed to rack up 138,000 Instagram followers who supported her to victory.

So far the stunning model has bagged deals with global brands including Hyundai and Bioderma.

Kenza Layli has been crowned the world’s first Miss AI winner

And Kenza, and her creator, will only be getting richer after she proved victorious amongst models who have been created on screens across the likes of Europe, the US and China.

After claiming victory over her fellow bots, Kenza will receive prizes worth $13,000 (£10,122), including $5,000(£3,893) cash, promotional support on Fanvue, and a dedicated publicist to help grow her profile.

In a stunning gold outfit, which matched the dress theme of the final, Kenza accepted the award with an AI-generated speech where she thanked her fellow contestants, reassured us that she committed to promoting diversity and claimed that AI will ultimately improve lives.

She was judged by a panel consisting of Aitana Lopez, one of the world’s biggest AI creators, pageantry historian Sally-Ann Fawcett and marketing and PR guru, Andrew Bloch.

Kenza might be beautiful, but she’s certainly not natural

They assessed Kenza and fellow contestants on three criteria: realism, tech, and social clout. Just missing out on the title of the world’s first Miss AI was Lalina Valina, from ‘France’, who came second, and ‘Portuguese’ Olivia C who finished third.

Fanvue Co-Founder, Will Monange commented: “A huge congratulations to Kenza – and all the other entries. The global interest in this first award from the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards has been incredible.

“The concept of the awards has put AI Creators into the limelight like never before – and we’re really excited about the future of the awards and where we go next.

“There is a huge amount of talent in the AI Creator space. The awards are a fantastic mechanism to celebrate creator achievements, raise standards, and shape a positive future for the AI Creator economy.

The creator of Kenza has won a few bob…

“Finally, a huge thanks to our expert panel of judges who did a brilliant job picking the winners from over 1,500 entries.”

However, the Miss AI competition hasn’t come without controversies. Influencer and journalist Danae Mercer Ricci called out the pageant as she feared it will set women back ‘100 years’.

At the time, Danae exclusively chatted with us and shared her concerns.

She said: “These ‘women’ have an unachievable level of ‘perfect’ beauty because they are AI, there’s no way that a teen girl could ever reach that.

“Even with all the enhancements and all the adjustments and working out every day and filtering herself to the nine, she will never be that in real life. So I think it’s horrific, I’m so angry about this.”

The next award from the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards is planned to launch in October