Summer to hit abrupt finish as August set to be ‘storm-filled’ and Autumn-like’

Enjoy the summer while it lasts, because it’s going to end soon . . . very soon.

According to a new long-term forecast from Exacta Weather, the unseasonal wet weather that’s going to turn into a “heat dome” in the next few weeks will probably be the only form of summer sun that we see.

With forecasters arguing over whether or not the summer will be hot and shining all the way through, or damp and miserable for most of it, the experts at Exacta have planted their flags firmly in the latter camp – and even named a date when summer will be gone.

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Summer is barely here, and it could already be over (stock)
Summer is barely here, and it could already be over (stock)

In their latest long-term forecast, Exacta’s James Madden claims: “Unfortunately, the unsettled and cooler theme looks set to continue and return for much of August, based on early indications at present.

“It may even turn rather cool and quite stormy at times during the second half of the month, giving a somewhat early and autumnal feel to affairs. A potentially stormy period could also develop in and around August 27–28 to end summer on that autumnal note, as we head into early September and the start of the meteorological autumn proper.

Exacta claims summer won't be lasting much longer
Exacta claims summer won’t be lasting much longer

“This is likely to result in a cool to average month at best in terms of temperatures, with above-average rainfall amounts returning to our shores once again.”

This tallies with the Met Office’s summer-destroying claims, dating from Thursday, Jul 11 to Saturday July 20, warning that a brief period of “widely settled weather” won’t be lasting very long.

Lots of rain is coming . . . again
Lots of rain is coming . . . again

It states: “Many places should see a day or two of fine weather with some sunny spells, albeit on the cool side for July. Thereafter a transition back to rather more changeable conditions looks most likely, though with north west and south east split in fortunes.

“North western areas will probably see more in the way of cloud and rain, whereas southeastern parts stand a better chance of longer periods of dry weather. However, some rain may extend further south east across all parts of the UK at times.

“Temperatures will probably pan out close to average overall, though some warmer weather is possible in the south coincident with drier, sunnier periods.”

Sigh . . .
Sigh . . .

However, the end of the month could be a little nicer for us all, as the Met Office predicts “drier than average” conditions over all, as well as above average temperatures.

They added: “There are some signs of a slightly greater than normal chance of a more prolonged settled spell developing at some point during the period, at least for a time, and perhaps more likely in the south.

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