Wild lifetime of ‘inmate’ who filmed bonking ‘jail officer’ in second viral video 

An Irish bloke has taken the internet by storm after a video went viral appearing to show a prison officer bonking an inmate.

But we exposed the truth behind the racy clip which was actually a stunt from a former plumber who seized an opportunity to get tongues wagging.

Andy Lee deliberately ‘fooled millions’ by building a prison set and buying a police uniform on eBay – before pretending to be an inmate while getting it on with his adult star colleague Kayla Wild.

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Andy Lee and Kayla Wild
Andy Lee and Kayla Wild ‘fooled millions’ with the fake prison video

He tried to recreate viral footage that was taken inside HMP Wandsworth, which appeared to show a lag having sex with an on-duty prison guard while a second inmate filmed.

But it is not the first time he has pulled off a stunt like this and below we take a closer look inside his wild life.

Early life

Andy is from Dublin’s inner city and he previously opened up about being a young Catholic lad who grew up with nothing.

He had no holidays as a child and only went on a plane for the first time when he was 17 and he gave a glimpse into his childhood.

“We grew up with a single mum with six kids,” he said. “We were a poor family. Our mum couldn’t afford food sometimes.”

He added: “When you grow up with nothing, trust me, and all of a sudden you have something, you hold on to it dearly.”

Tradesman to adult star

Andy, who is now in his mid-30s eventually got himself on a plane and moved all the way to Australia in 2008 – and was set for a career grafting as a plumber.

Andy Lee
The fitness fanatic has 143,000 followers on Instagram

But he moved to London two years later where a chance encounter with a stranger in a gym changed the course of his life.

He explained: “A fella just said that I have a really big c*** and that I should go into porn, so I did. I was 21. I did some solo videos for a while, but I gave it up to become a gas engineer and plumber. However, my work found out and I left. I’ve been doing porn full-time ever since.”


Andy went on to make up to £10,000 a month on OnlyFans and even starred in Channel 4 documentary My Massive C***.

But despite making a killing because of his 10.5inch dong, it caused “jealous haters” back in Ireland to turn on him.

Speaking to this publication, he even said he would get more respect in Dublin if he was a drug dealer rather than making adult content.

He said: “I’ve had a lot of negativity and obviously you get the good with the bad. I had a lot of hate from Ireland. I had a lot of people sending my family videos of me doing stuff.

Andy Lee
He is proud to call himself a porn star – saying sex workers are the ‘best people’ he has ever met

“It’s not very nice, especially for my older aunties and stuff. Getting a video of me doing something with a guy or girl or whatever it is. My family knows what I do but they don’t want to be seeing it. I know my aunties and uncles have sex but I don’t want to be seeing it either.”

He added: “I think it’s a cultural thing in Ireland. There is a lot of jealousy. People can’t stand other people doing well and I don’t get why. It’s a very jealous place.

“I have had fellas message me from school on Instagram and they are like ‘mate what the f*** is this’ and I’m like ‘it’s my porn page’ and they don’t reply. It’s stupid stuff like that. What is it got to do with them? Mind your own business. I don’t get what the big deal is, sex is sex, who cares.”

‘World’s first porn star university’

Despite being judged by some, Andy went on to open what he claimed was the ‘world’s first porn star university’ in Cambridge.

He did so to encourage other Tom, Dick and Harrys to break into the adult industry like he did.

The Dubliner spoke to the Daily Star about how he hoped it would be a grower and he said: “All my mates were asking how do you get into porn, what do you do, and I am telling them all the time and it’s very tiring telling one person at a time.

Andy Lee
Andy giving a lecture at his porn star university

“So I developed the world’s first porn star university and lots of people are coming to me and I am teaching them how to do things in the right way so they are not abused in the industry. I am also warning them about people throwing money at them to do stuff they may not want to do.”

He has already put the lecture hall (AKA filming studio) to good use and it is where he filmed the parody version of the HMP Wandsworth sex tape.

Giving an insight into the reaction to the video with Kayla Wild, who played the naughty officer, he said: “I thought I would have a go at making my own version so I built a prison cell – but I wasn’t expecting it to go this viral and my phone hasn’t stopped going all day. It has taken off like crazy. I filmed it on Snapchat to make it more authentic and we had a bit of fun and I decided to give it away on the internet for free.

“The reaction has just been wild and it is getting shared on WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups and on Facebook council estate groups – people are loving it.”

Similar antics

It is not the first time Andy has fooled the public and earlier this year he caused distress to his family – by getting ‘OnlyFans’ tattooed to his face.

Andy Lee
The tattoo has inspired a mixed response – but it turned out to be fake anyway

He wrote online about how the ink set him back just £60 and he spoke passionately about how he used to be broke and unable to afford meals before OnlyFans changed his life.

However, despite his rags to riches story being true, the tattoo was in fact fake, much to the relief of his sister who acted like he had “killed someone” after finding out.