‘Britain to scorch in ‘excessive 30C heatwave’ however everybody has identical grievance

Brits are preparing for a scorcher of a heatwave but everyone has the same complaint about the erratic weather conditions.

Gloomy skies and patches of rain are constant this summer leaving washed out members of the public moaning of “muggy” conditions. Reddit users are up in arms about the horrible weather conditions and it is bound to get worse with a 30C heatwave on the way.

A post to the r/britishproblems subreddit revealed the troubles of the warm weather with patches of rain, with one user saying it is an uncomfortable middle ground. Their “too warm to wear a rain coat, too wet not to,” post revealed the rage many are feeling with the weather at the moment.

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It read: “Just went to walk the dog. Starting p**sing it down 5 minutes after leaving the house so I put my “breathable” water proof on. Ended up wet and hot.” Other comments revealed the same hate for the current slate of weather conditions, with one user writing: “It’s really muggy isn’t it.”

One reply read: “Yep. To add to my woes I also got completely savaged by horse flies. They seem to like the weather.” Horse fly woes were not reserved just for the original poster but others who described the beasts as the “bane of my f**king life”.

Another user wrote: “Been an absolute sweaty mess all day. How does it feel so hot and cold all at the same time?” A third wrote: “Sometimes it’s easier to just accept getting wet and change clothes.”

A heatwave could be on the way (file)

Suggestions did follow for members of the public braving the weird weather. One Reddit comment offered a bold suggestion, reading: “May I suggest to you the humble, yet misunderstood, umbrella?”

But others were outraged by the suggestion given the wind. They wrote: “What? In this wind????” Another user added: “Umbrellas are for a mostly fictional situation where it rains without an accompanying gale. This only happens in a Hollywood sound stage version of the UK, with the red phoneboxes and guys with bowler hats. But people keep buying them.”

The latest Met forecast reveals: “Many areas should start this period mostly dry as a ridge of high pressure dominates the UK. It should feel pleasant enough in mostly light winds and sunshine, with temperatures generally near average, but some rural areas could experience chilly nights.”

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