Bukayo Saka’s girlfriend who’s ‘reviving WAG tradition’ and dubbed new Posh Spice

Bukayo Saka became England’s newest hero thanks to his sensational equaliser and calm penalty. The Arsenal man sealed the deal in the Three Lions’ nervy win over Switzerland.

The 22-year-old star managed save the country from a semi-final defeat, which ultimately led him to be awarded player of the match for his efforts in the nail-biter of a game.

And while Saka has already got plenty of footy fans cheering him on from the sidelines, his number one supporter is his girlfriend who experts say is bringing back WAG culture and giving Victoria Beckham a run for her money.

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Instagram hotshot and PR executive Tolami Benson has managed to secure a fanbase of her own thanks to her gorgeous looks and impeccable style, seen both in the stands and on social media.

Tolami Benson, girlfriend of Saka, is apparently ‘reviving’ WAG culture

The 23-year-old, from Hertfordshire, has been linked with winger Saka since 2020 with their relationship now only slowly being launched to the masses.

But, she’s already making quite the waves amongst football and fashion fans alike. Even fashion mag Vogue said that Tolami is responsible for ‘reviving WAG fever’, and has been dubbed ‘WAG of the season’ by fans.

Tolami is proving to be quite the fashionista, not only with the acknowledgement from the high-brow magazine. The beauty boasts 140,000 Instagram followers where she often posts stunning selfies and preened to perfection holiday looks.

And while she’s not shy on sharing her jet-setting lifestyle with trips to the likes of Greece and Los Angles, it seems that Tolami keeps her relationship with Saka rather low-key.

Tolami is becoming the most exciting WAG of the season…

Tolami hasn’t actually shared a proper full-face photo of the Gunners star on her social media page. The fashionista prefers to keep the behind-the-scenes of their relationship private by posting the occasional picture of Saka where his identity is obscured with a mask.

Although, after Saka bagged the player of the match, Tolami posed with the trophy for a series of Instagram snaps to celebrate her beau and said: “My baby’s baby.”

She was papped in the stands lovingly resting her hand on Saka’s chest post-match as he endearingly held Tolami’s waist while carrying the award in the other.

Tolami and Saka
Tolami and Saka mostly keep their relationship private

It looks like Tolami will have more to celebrate than just her boyfriend’s victories though. Not only has she been said to be ‘reviving’ WAG culture, her potential influence has been likened to Victoria Beckham’s.

Like Posh Spice’s iconic wear for England games, Tolami is able to style an outfit that is both classy and sporty, that exudes fan and fashionista all at the same time.

She often styles her hair with a slight curl and opts for a baseball cap to pull the look together.

In the game on Saturday that earned England a semi-final clash with the Netherlands, Tolami wore a crop-top from designer OFF-WHITE that featured a cleavage-revealing cut-out section. She paired this with some white shorts and draped an England flag over her shoulder.

People are saying that Tolami is restoring ‘waggery’ to Victoria Beckham levels

Earlier on in the tournament, Tolami rocked an England shirt tied up slightly to show off her midriff and also wore a personalised leather biker jacket with the 87 embroidered onto it – which was once Saka’s Arsenal shirt number. Oh, and not to forget her iconic glossy lip and wrap-around shades.

Tolami’s presence at the Euros has gone down a treat with social media users who have been in agreement with Vogue. They noted that WAG hysteria like this hasn’t been seen since Posh took to the stands for David Beckham.

“WAG of our generation” and “reaching record-breaking unprecedented levels of waggery” are just two comments of thousands left in Tolami’s Instagram comments.

Fans are loving Tolami’s fashion at the Euros

Seeing a picture of Tolami in an England shirt, another noted: “It gives Victoria Beckham iconic fashion game moment.”

Others said they’re only watching the Euros purely because of Tolami. And someone else expressed: “Best WAG I’ve ever seen.”

Ok, she’s got the beauty and the popularity – but Tolami also has the brains.

She’s currently a Senior Planning Executive for brand Zenith and, according to her LinkedIn, Tolami graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Public Relations and Media Public Relations at Birmingham City University.