Couple simply wished ‘clear road’ fined after tidying garbage into ‘named’ field

Council jobsworths have fined a couple £1,200 after they cleaned up their own litter-plagued street.

‌Public-spirited Veronika Mike, 41, and Zoltan Pinter, 46, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, said they “just wanted to clean their street”. The pair said the area outside their house had been plagued by rubbish for years – with people dumping waste next to bins that attracted rats, cats and seagulls after it was not collected.

‌But after they decided to tidy the “disgusting” rubbish outside their home into a cardboard box with their name on they were shocked to be hit with the four-figure fine by town hall no-marks.

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It's all a bit rubbish
It’s all a bit rubbish

‌Zoltan said his name happened to be on the container but instead of a thank you, a week later he received a fixed penalty notice for illegal dumping and £600 fine – and to his horror so did Veronika, despite her name not being on the box.

‌The couple sent a letter to the council signed by several of their neighbours stating Zoltan, who works as a mechanic, and freelance videographer Veronika were not to blame and asking them to reconsider.

‌But the council has not rescinded the £1,200 fine, which the couple are still paying through monthly payments, and considers the matter “resolved”.‌ Zoltan and Veronika, who have set up a GoFundMe to recoup some of the money lost, said they will never clear their street again “even if the rats come”.

They've now been fined
They’ve now been fined

‌Veronika said: “We just wanted to clean our street and that’s the thanks we get from the council. At first I was very angry and I cried.”

‌Councillor Amjid Wazir OBE, cabinet member for city pride, enforcement and sustainability advised: “This matter has been resolved and all liability discharged.‌ We remind residents and businesses that fly-tipping is an offence and all perpetrators will be met with a fixed penalty notice.”

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