‘Drunk’ wedding ceremony crashers booted from reception earlier than their money present was discovered

A pair of wedding crashers were kicked out of a reception. The mystery guests signed off “Love, Uncle David and Aunt Nancy” before being busted by a mate of the bride’s dad.

The bride and groom were left scratching their heads when they spotted at their big day, a couple neither knew let alone invited to celebrate with them. Things got even more bizarre when they discovered the so-called ‘Uncle David and Aunt Nancy’ had come prepared and left them a card.

The handwritten message in the card read: “Cheers to a life filled with many special memories. We feel so blessed to have been witness to your beautiful wedding. We wish you all the best in life.”

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They had also highlighted parts of the card’s poem, adding “well said! ” at the end, according to What’s The Jam. Inside the envelope was a $10 note, a $1 note and a handful of coins, totalling a peculiar $11.54 (£9.02).

Card and money
The mystery couple left just under a tenner for

A snap of the odd gift was posted on social media by a relative of the bride, who wrote: “The random couple who crashed my sister’s wedding left a card with $11.54 inside.”

The bride’s brother commented: “Halfway through a great wedding, I see my dad’s best friend hauling a drunk couple out of the reception. We thought it was hilarious and thought nothing more of it until today when they opened their gifts and found a card from “Uncle David and Aunt Nancy”. There’s no David or Nancy in either family and the underlined bits are just in-your-face trolling.”

“David and Nancy, wherever you are, you provided us with a lifelong story and a core memory. Sorry you got kicked out.”

“From the looks of it, you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves! “.

The couple appeared to have been enjoying themselves before their forced exit

The post quickly went viral, racking up over 33,000 likes as social media users weighed in on the cheeky couple’s antics.

One user quipped: “I wonder if they go around to weddings all over the place, slipping into receptions. Dinner for two for less than $12. Not bad.

“They scored, but I give them credit for leaving something,” another chimed in.

A third added: “Great story! I love that they just left whatever cash they had on them – change included LOL.”

“Ok but the fact they HAD a wedding themed card on them insinuates they planned this &/ or do this regularly,” another eagle-eyed viewer noted.

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