Dutch supporters assault England followers and throw CHAIRS

Dutch fans appeared to set upon groups of England supporters ahead of England’s semi-final-clash with the Netherlands in Dortmund on Wednesday evening. 

A group of supporters dressed in their nation’s orange threw stools and benches outside a local cafe, forcing rival fans inside. 

Locals attempted to guard the cafe, with fans who chose to venture out and engage with the fracas being set upon by Dutch supporters. 

As per The Sun, bottles and punches were thrown as peaceful scenes ahead of the tie at the Westfalenstadion descended into chaos. 

One user on social media suggested that the Dutch supporters involved in the attack were linked to Eredivisie side Feyenoord, and that there was ‘no reason’ why the fighting started. 

‘Dutch fans. Not so friendly,’ the user posted to social media site X (formerly Twitter). 

‘Having a quiet drink – England and Dutch together, good vibes. 

‘Group of Dutch fans (we’ve been told Feyenoord) attacked the English out of the blue. No reason. 

‘Police have told us to stay here. Dutch firms everywhere picking off England fans.’ 

Mail Sport reported on Wednesday that Dortmund was gearing up to become a sea of orange after the Dutch support outbought England fans 25 to one on a leading ticket resale sight. 

Fans keen to see their team attempt to reach the finals on the heels of their quarter-final triumph against Turkey are thought to number 80,000 in the city, with the 60,440 capacity of Borussia Dortmund’s stadium expected to be split 60-40 in favour of the Netherlands.