‘I’m England mega fan – I’ll deal with associate in purple gentle district if we win Euro’

A model who gambled away her car on a Spurs bet shared that she’ll pay for her boyfriend’s trip to the red light district if England win the Euros.

Britt, 26, from Lancashire, has a track record of having bad luck when it comes to football – especially when she lost her beloved Subuaru WRX from wrongly predicting Tottenham Hotspur’s position in the Premier League table.

From being a Spurs fan since ‘birth’ to being in a relationship with a lad who couldn’t give two hoots about the football, Britt really pulled the short straw.

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But, after partner Leon supported her through being dragged away from her motor and accompanying Britt to Spurs matches – Britt wants to make it up to him with a risqué bet.

Britt and Leon
Britt has already treated Leon to one trip to Amsterdam’s red light district this year

If England prove triumphant in the Euros, Britt will not only win her bet to get the car back, she’ll be whisking Leon off to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, so he can enjoy himself in the red light district.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Britt cheekily revealed: “I’ve said to my boyfriend we’ll have a celebration trip to Amsterdam and the red light district so he can have the ride of his life.

“He’s not into football but has made sure I had the best Euros so it’s only fair I repay the favour.

“I’ll treat him to whatever he wants in the red light district as a thank you. He’s treated me right during the football season and the Euros, coming to games with me, looking after me and making sure I got everything I wanted.

The model will win her car back and will take Leon to Amsterdam if England win the Euros

“He bought me the tickets to a game and I got a Richarlison shirt too – so I already owed him massively.

“I just thought it was something he will remember and enjoy. And I get a little trip away to relax for a couple of days before the season starts again so it would be a win win for us both.”

Britt first took Leon to the red light district back in January of this year and said to have paid for a sex worker for him. She shared over on TikTok that she wanted to do this as a ‘thank you’ as he bought her a foal.

Standing in the way of Leon and his time gallivanting in the red light district is the Netherlands, ironically.

Gareth Southgate’s squad will face off with the Dutch side in the semi-final tonight at 8pm, which decides who will be playing Spain in the Euros 2024 final on Sunday (July 14).

Let’s hope England can hold it together for Britt and Leon…

Despite fans calling England’s performances ‘boring’ and the side just about scraped through on penalties against Switzerland, Britt is feeling confident about the game this evening.

And she’s certainly hoping Kane and co are feeling confident too, as she’s relying on them to win her car back to take Leon to Amsterdam. She’s had to get around on heelys (trainers with built in wheels) since.

She said: “I’m really excited for tonight’s game I think it could be really good game to watch especially for neutral fans.

“I think the Netherlands are really going to test us but I do have a feeling we might just sneak through. It would be nice to do it in the 90 minutes but, at this point, I’ll take anything.

“I absolutely love watching Micky van de Ven play, but hopefully he doesn’t play tonight as we all know he’s the fastest in the Premier League.

Britt will be cheering England on for more than one reason

“In my opinion, he’s one of the best centre-back’s in the league and I can’t see England coping to well against him.

“So, as much as I love him, we hopefully won’t be seeing too much from him tonight and he gets sent back home to start training with Spurs again and he can win a trophy with Spurs instead.

“‘I’m going to try and stay calm and not get carried away if England win tonight. There’s still a long 90 minutes to play against Spain if we do win, but we’ll see, I tend to get a bit carried away in the moment…”