UK climate maps reveals the place and when mercury will push 30C in scorching heatwave

After enduring dreary weather at the start of July, Brits can finally look forward to a rise in temperatures across the nation later this month.

This comes on the heels of predictions that this summer could break the record for the wettest ever, with an anticipated 50 days of rainfall over the three months. The Met Office’s long-term forecast suggests a higher likelihood of a rainier-than-average summer, complete with heavy downpours and thunderstorms.

As August approaches, many in the UK are left questioning whether they’ll catch a glimpse of summer this year. Thankfully, according to WX Charts maps and charts, the answer is a resounding yes.

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juy 23 weather map - warm in south
Hot weather is likely to blast the UK from July 23

Utilising data from Met Desk, the charts shows temperatures soaring towards 30C in many parts of UK as July finally heats up after weeks of underwhelming weather.

The maps illustrate a substantial body of warm air moving across from the Iberian peninsula around July 23 -24. London and the southern regions of England are predicted to bask in the warmest weather, with temperatures expected to surge between 27C-30C, reports the Mirror.

Netweather TV’s forecast from July 15 to July 21 suggests Brits could be in for a mixed bag of weather. They say: “There is quite a strong signal for pressure to be above normal to the north of Britain during this week, with the jet stream running to the south, sending low pressure systems across the British Isles at times.

People in a park in London summer
Around London and the south, temperatures are expected to hit 30C

“However, relatively high pressure to the north-east may result in southerly winds remaining relatively frequent, and there are indications that the jet stream may end up rather weak, meaning not a total washout for most of the country, with an emphasis on shallow low pressure systems.”

The weather boffins reckon it’s going to be a scorcher in central Europe but cooler over the eastern North Atlantic. Blighty is set to be smack bang in the middle, with predictions stating: “Generally, it looks likely to become hot in central Europe and cool in the eastern North Atlantic, with Britain lying on the boundary, suggesting that temperatures will be near or slightly below average in Northern Ireland and some other western parts of Britain, but probably above normal overall in the east of both England and Scotland.”

And for those hoping for a bit of summer sizzle, Netweather TV teases: “One or two short hot interludes are possible chiefly for the east and south-east of England.”

Brits on a beach in summer
However, the weather forecast also predicted this summer will be a wet one

They added: “Again, there is not a strong signal for rainfall or sunshine amounts to deviate substantially from average for most of the country, although there may again be considerable regional variation, particularly in the rainfall.”

“However, it looks likely that with anomalously high pressure to the north-east for a lot of the time, north-east Scotland will be drier than average. Cloudier than average weather is most likely in the south-west of Britain, while north-eastern Britain is most likely to be sunnier than average.”

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