Controversial ‘croissant doner kebab’ divides meals followers as some say it is ‘gross’

A German culinary invention has sparked a heated debate online, with foodies divided over the controversial ‘croner’ – a fusion of a croissant and a doner kebab.

The unusual street food item was shared on Twitter/X by a user who wrote: “I’m sorry to report that Germans have invented a croissant doner and are calling it a croner.”

The image showed a croissant stuffed to the brim with doner kebab meat and salad, prompting mixed reactions from social media users. One person said: “I’d give that a go, for sure. I reckon it’s better than it looks.”

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To which the original poster retorted: “It’s got to because it looks like a**.” Another user chimed in with: “Would smash that.” But the original poster shot back: “With a hammer?”. A third person commented: “Wouldn’t even hesitate to eat this.”

However, not everyone was impressed with the unconventional food combination. One critic wrote: “We have strayed so far from God’s light.”

One user simply stated: “Gross.” Yet, some saw potential in the bizarre dish, with one optimist claiming: “This looks like a game changer.”

Other users expressed their concerns about using a croissant as sandwich bread. One user commented: “A croissant is not good sandwich bread, period. I’m tired of this whole charade.”

Another chimed in: “Germans are truly masterful innovators, they’ve found a way to take TWO otherwise delicious foods and make them into something f**king disgusting.”

A third user rated the creation, stating: “7/10 looks impractical to hold and shredded veg on a sando is a Choice but yeah I’d still f**k one up.”

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