England followers go bonkers at London bus cease after recognizing amusing vacation spot

It’s official – England have (somehow) managed to bag a spot in the Euros final.

People went bananas when the final whistle blew in the semis last night – with many throwing their beers in the air down at their locals.

But others found a more unconventional place to celebrate the victory… on a London bus! Brilliant footage shows England fans piling onto the bright red vehicle and partying the night away.

You may think this sounds random, but there was some reasoning behind the madness. It’s because the bus was headed to Bellingham – an area of South East London.

On X, a user called @vcg239 wrote: “I thought it was just me who kept hearing ‘Catford bus garage’ every time the commentators say ‘Bellingham’. But look.

They attached a clip of a bus that has ‘Bellingham’ written on it – and inside, you could see fans dancing and mucking about during the delirious celebrations.

Some people on TikTok assumed it had been re-named thanks to footballer Jude Bellingham – but this isn’t actually the case.

“Why Bellingham though?” someone asked, with another man replying: “Bellingham didn’t even do anything?”

Another dopey commenter said: “It should be Foden”, but someone else clarified: “Well that’s not a place but Bellingham is.”

The Three Lions face Spain in the final of Euro 2024 on Sunday, with the chance to land their first major trophy since 1966. England’s run to the final has sent the nation into meltdown.

And if England triumph in Berlin this weekend, FA bosses want to recognise the historic achievement with an open top bus parade for Southgate and his team through the streets of London on Tuesday.

That’s not all either, as some Brits are threatening to skive off work. They’re also calling for Monday to be made a Bank Holiday.