Keir Starmer drops Bank Holiday trace if England win Euro 2024

Keir Starmer has dropped a hint that workers will get an extra Bank Holiday if England wins Euro 2024.

The Prime Minister said he believed the country should “certainly mark the occasion” if the team is victorious. Mr Starmer is attending a Nato summit in Washington DC where he watched part of the semi-final with the Dutch PM Dick Schoof.

Less than an hour after England secured a place in the final, he met Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Asked if football is coming home, Mr Starmer replied: “It looks like it.” The President added: “It is good news indeed, it is all because of the Prime Minister.”

The football-mad PM today told reporters that the result was “fantastic”. “I managed to pop out from one of my sessions for just five minutes which is when I saw Harry Kane get the first goal,” he said.

PM Keir Starmer joked he didn't want to go through the heartache of the last Euros final again

PM Keir Starmer joked he didn’t want to go through the heartache of the last Euros final again

“I missed the second one but it was brilliant. So on we go now, great chance. I’ve always said this team were going to go all the way so I’m really, really pleased and just good luck for Sunday.”

Mr Starmer last year said he believed there should be a Bank Holiday if the Lionesses won the World Cup. Asked if there will be an extra day off if England win on Sunday, he said: “We should certainly mark the occasion, I don’t want to jinx it. I went to the last Euros final, I don’t want to go through that again.

“I don’t want to jinx anything but we must mark it in some way. But the most important thing is getting it over the line on Sunday.”

World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst led calls for the nation to get a bank holiday if Gareth Southgate’s men end England’s 58-year trophy drought. The England legend has written to the King to ask for a special day to celebrate if the Three Lions bring it home on Sunday.

He said: “Thanks to the dedication of the team and unwavering support from England’s fans, we’re very close to victory. It’s about time we have something to celebrate as a nation, and a bank holiday would make a win even more special for millions of supporters across the country.”

Liberal Democrat Sir Ed Davey also joined the calls, saying: “The Three Lions are playing their first ever final on foreign soil, and if they bring it home, the Government should bring home a bank holiday to celebrate.

“England deserves the chance to celebrate a once-in-a-generation event. Who knows, we might even get decent weather.”

No10 has confirmed that Mr Starmer will attend the Euros final in Berlin on Sunday when England will take on Spain. Earlier in his trip to Washington DC, Mr Starmer joked that England has not missed a penalty while he’s been PM.

Asked what his advice to Gareth Southgate on leading a team to victory was, he replied: “Win!” He went on: “England have not missed a penalty under a Labour government in 2024.”

The Labour leader is a big Arsenal fan and regularly attends the club’s fixtures. He is a season ticket holder at the Emirates. England will take on Spain in the final, which is being held at 8pm on Sunday in Berlin.

Preparations are underway for a victory parade in London if the Three Lions bring it home on Sunday. Fans could line the streets of the Capital for a massive open-top bus parade, carrying the England squad from the Guildhall to Buckingham Palace, via Trafalgar Square on Tuesday.

Celebrations would kick off on Monday, with plans for the team to meet Mr Starmer in Downing Street and to head to the palace for a royal reception, likely to be headed by Prince William, who is President of the Football Association.