Ministers ‘wanting very rigorously’ at crossbow ban following Bushey killings

Ministers are looking “very carefully” at new laws to outlaw crossbows after yesterday’s horrifying triple killing in Bushey, a minister has said.

Dan Jarvis said Home Secretary Yvette Cooper is looking into whether the weapons should be banned. It follows the killings of Carol Hunt, 61, and her daughters Louise, 25, and Hannah, 28.

Quizzed on Sky News about whether the Government plans to ban crossbows, Mr Jarvis said he was “beyond devastated” by the violent deaths in Hertfordshire. He said Ms Cooper is “looking at this literally as we speak”.

At the moment it is only illegal to buy a crossbow if you’re under 18, and there is no need to have a licence. However people can be jailed for up for four years for carrying one in public without “reasonable excuse”.

In February the Home Office launched an eight-week consultation on laws around the weapons. Mr Jarvis said: “The Home Office initiated a call for evidence with regard to crossbows earlier on in this year.

The Government is looking at whether crossbows should be outlawed

The Government is looking at whether crossbows should be outlawed

“The Home Secretary will look very carefully at the evidence, and if she decides that there is a need for legislative change, then that is what will happen. We will not stop at anything to ensure that the public is safe, and the Home Secretary will look and consider these matters very carefully.”

Interviewer Kay Burley asked: “Why would you need a crossbow unless it was for some sort of sport? I mean, you can’t just wrap it in a sheet and walk it with it under your arm around the streets of the UK.”

Mr Jarvis responded: “Well, indeed, I completely agree. And that is why the Home Secretary will look very carefully at what’s happened. She will look very carefully. Well, I know that the Home Secretary is looking at this literally as we speak.”

He said Ms Cooper would be looking at the results of a Home Office call for evidence before making a decision. Mr Jarvis stated: “She will want to consider that evidence in the round. She’ll want to look clearly, very carefully at what happened yesterday.”

He went on: I know that the Home Secretary is seized by the importance of all of this, but she’s got to consider these matters in the round. She will take a view as to whether there is a requirement to make legislative changes. And I know that she will do that incredibly thoroughly.”

Hertfordshire Police said 26-year-old Kyle Clifford has been arrested in connection with the triple killing. He was found in the Enfield area of north London, near his home, and that he is receiving medical treatment for his injuries.