‘People suppose my mum is my sister — they’re baffled by how younger she appears’

A woman left fans gobsmacked after busting a move with her youthful-looking mum – with many mistaking them for sisters.

Faith, known as @goneghost, shot to fame weeks ago, grooving to Joey Essex‘s bop ‘Reem’ which went viral after his Love Island stint. Her first video showed her dancing solo in her bedroom to the 2011 anthem, inspired by Joey’s iconic The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) catchphrase.

She dubbed it “a banger”. But now her mum’s jumped into the groove – and it’s got everyone doing a double-take in a clip, which has racked up more than 176,000 likes.

The video shows the pair shimmying to Joey’s infectious “You want to look reem, smell reem, be reem, reem” line. Faith rocks a brown dress while her mum slays in white trousers and a black crop.

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She wrote in the caption: “Had to do it with mumzy,” while adding over the top of the video that her “mum is well reem”. The slang word means “brilliant, good, cool, fashionable”.

TikTok users were quick to pipe up with their thoughts – with many heaping praise on her mum’s glam looks. Loads reckon they’re more like siblings, with one user asking: “Are you sure she’s not your sister?”

Another fan gushed: “Your mum did not age one bit omg,” while a third chimed in with: “Nah, you two are twins.” A fourth admirer added: “Mummy is reem for real”.