‘Selling nudes made me wealthy however would not outline me – I’ve not had intercourse in months’

An Italian model famed for selling naked photos will “stop being a little girl” by taking her life in an unexpected new direction.

Paola Saulino – who had a rollercoaster affair with a Premier League star – said ‘seductive content’ no longer represented her and vowed to quit.

She made the bold pledge in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star where she also revealed plans to get married and start a family.

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The brunette beauty – famous for an Italian referendum oral sex tour and bedding a top-flight footballer in a car- believes the public’s perception of her is a warped one.

Paola Saulino
The dark-haried model is ready to pack in the racy pictures

She said her current life is not actually promiscuous and that the last time she had sex was six months ago – because she is too focused trying to find the one.

The football-obsessed influencer, 34, is now using her profits from nudes to start her own communication and marketing company and her dream is to transform her career.

Speaking to us, she said: “Within about two years, maximum three, I want the way I earn money to be just a distant memory. I will be at an age where I no longer feel like it is appropriate to use my body. I will be 37 and I have identified that age as the deadline to stop being a little girl and start doing another job.

“Frankly OnlyFans no longer represents me and I’m not a fan of repentance but I have other resources, other potential and I feel very frustrated at being perceived as the one who sells naked photos when I feel totally different.

“I don’t feel satisfied with it and it doesn’t represent my struggle in life and it does not satisfy my need for variety and creativity. It closes me and oppresses me and does not give me room for growth.”

She added: “Ultimately I am very reckless and I always have been – so for me getting naked doesn’t bother me, that is, I don’t think about it.

Paola Saulino
The Italian is hugely passionate about sport and wants to work in the industry full time

“I realise the phrase ‘you can say what you want but you are what you do’ is valid but the way I earn a living is just a behaviour and not my true essence. It seems humiliating and reductive to refer to myself exclusively to the activity to which I dedicate in last place on my list of daily priorities in order of time and importance.”

Paola, who is a huge Napoli fan, was born into a humble family and studied until the age of 25 before only making her first real income aged 28.

She said naked photos gave her financial independence but her ambition is to now be a married mum thriving in the corporate world.

The Italian has not had any luck with romance so far but said she would not be with a man who would be ok with her continuing OnlyFans.

She said: “Maybe it may seem strange but I am very exclusive and traditional so as soon as I feel I am in the right relationship I would be the first to close everything because for me, earning from nudity and having a loving family are not compatible.”

In the meantime, Paola is working on creating Paolina Entertainment FZCO, and wants to offer sports companies PR, social media strategy and event management services.

She said she was currently the communications manager for a Swiss Football Club and she is also working on a project in MotoGp.

Paola Saulino
She is also interested in working more in MotoGP with her communications company

Paola added that such ventures, including creating her own editorial publication, “couldn’t have been dreamed of” without her success on OnlyFans.

She is now based in Dubai but said she could not rely on a husband or rich father to pay her expensive bills – and is striving to take risks to be a success in her new career.

However, despite her grand plans to rip up how people perceive her, she acknowledged that some people will always judge her past.

She concluded: “Unfortunately we live in a society where there is more tolerance in forgetting crimes and illegal actions than a pair of t**s and a slice of ass – and that is very sad.”