Size 22 mannequin hailed ‘magnificence at its most interesting’ as she strips to attractive bikini

Bikinis are for everyone, and one size 22 model is proving just that.

Instagram sensation Olivia, known as @OliviasWorld95, has made a name for herself by promoting body positivity on the social media platform. The 27-year-old has amassed over 390,000 followers due to her candid and inspiring body image content.

Recently, she was snapped flaunting her figure in a stunning bikini. She sported a patterned two-piece with a criss-cross design across the stomach, and she looked absolutely fabulous.

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Bold and unapologetic, she demonstrated that everyone should feel fantastic in swimwear, unafraid to show off her stretch marks and cellulite at the pool. Donning oversized sunglasses, she exuded confidence and style as she struck various poses for the camera.

Olivia went all out, opting for curly hair, dramatic make-up and large hoop earrings to complement her look. The low-cut design allowed the model to showcase her figure from every angle.

Since posting, the photo has received over 3,400 likes and more than 100 comments. Her followers praised her beauty, complimenting her glowing smile and natural charm.

Olivia, known as @OliviasWorld95, proudly flaunted her curves in a slinky bikini
The model proudly flaunted her curves in a slinky bikini

One fan gushed: “Beyond stunning.” Another chimed in with: “Beauty at its finest.” A third admirer responded: “You are red hot Ms Olivia.” Meanwhile, a fourth follower also confessed: “Wish I had your confidence.”

In a previous chat with Daily Star, Olivia admitted she won’t let negative remarks influence her fashion choices. At the time, she said: “I love wearing dresses that hug my curves and show off my best assets, which I think are my 44H-sized chest and my long shapely legs. I used to hate wearing jeans, but now I love wearing them with a crop top. And for swimwear, it’s bikinis all the way!”

She also previously encouraged “fat girls” to proudly display their curves this summer, promising to flaunt her own “rolls”. The social media star doesn’t want women to feel they need to conceal their bodies due to fear of judgement.

Olivia, known as @OliviasWorld95, proudly flaunted her curves in a slinky bikini
Olivia was told she looked ‘so pretty’ by her followers

In a post where she confidently displayed her curves in a figure-hugging outfit, Olivia inspired others to accept their bodies. The size 22 stunner danced in front of the camera, declaring to her followers “we ain’t staying in this year”. She wrote: “Who’s ready for fat girl summer? Ok but low-key I used to dread summer.

“Hotter temperatures meant shorter clothing, but my insecurities kept me wearing long sleeve sweaters just so I could hide my fat arms. I would’ve rather suffered in the heat than shown other people my fatness.

“I realised living like this is pointless. Because with or without the sweater my arms are still fat, and I’d rather be enjoying my summer in the sun (hams out) than hiding them from people whose opinions of me don’t matter in the first place.

“I know it’s difficult to put yourself out there and wear crop tops, shorts, tanks, form-fitting dresses and bikinis this summer. But trust me, if you push yourself to do so you’ll realise it really isn’t a big deal.”

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