Woman exhibits off pizza with very uncommon topping – but it surely’s authorised by Italians

Pizza lovers are always on the lookout for new and exciting toppings – but one woman’s choice has left the internet in a frenzy.

She posted a photo of her meal on Reddit with the caption: “I ate a pistachio pizza.” The post has since sparked a massive debate online, with foodies everywhere chiming in.

Some adventurous souls are itching to try the nutty creation, while others can’t wrap their heads around the concept. At first glance, it looks like your standard pizza, but a closer look reveals a generous sprinkling of crushed pistachios.

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It might be an odd sight, but the snap makes it look rather tempting. For those who fancy a bit of a crunch with their slice, this pistachio pizza could be a game-changer.

Since the image was shared, the comments have been pouring in. One user quipped that it looks “nuts”, but confessed they’d be willing to try it.

Another shared their own experience: “I’ve had something like this before, with ground lamb on top. It was nice.” Meanwhile, another exclaimed: “Damn, that looks so good.”

Someone else discovered the topping through a colleague, saying: “I had no idea pistachio was a pizza topping until my Italian colleague told me about a pizza he had in Sicily with pistachio.”

When quizzed on the taste, the woman confessed it was decent, though she’s usually one for savoury snacks. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it seems.

Giving her verdict on the pizza, she remarked: “Unique but much too sweet for my taste. I would not get again as I much prefer savoury pies.”

Curious about where this unusual flavour hails from? Apparently, it’s a big hit in Sicily. A quick online search reveals that it’s a popular topping for Italian street food fans.

While some versions of this pizza are quite vibrant and sugary, others use pistachio to bring a subtle nutty twist to the meal. One trick to nailing it might be to slather the pizza with a creamy white sauce, toss on some mushrooms and sprinkle a bit of pistachio over it all.

There’s a whole host of different spins on this recipe – and people online seem to be giving it the thumbs up. Over on another Reddit discussion, several travellers shared their experiences of sampling the dish.

One commented: “I had pistachio base pizza in Naples. One of the highlights in my life, it was delicious.”

Another chimed in with: “I’ve had pistachio butter with chopped pistachio on toast before and it’s delicious. I’m sure it would be great on fresh pizza dough.”

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