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Binance Is in Deep Trouble

It’s no secret that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has been investigating Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange—which has no head office or formal address but processes $12 billion worth of cryptocurrency…

Five Things Scammers Are Hoping You Google

Photo: Thaspol Sangsee (Shutterstock)Humans are predictable:When we want to know something, we’re probably going to google it. Companies (including digital media sites like Lifehacker) know this, and often try to “game the algorithm” by

20 Movies That Have Definitely Not Aged Well

Image: Short CircuitMovies date themselves for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes what seemed great when we were kids looks silly to adult eyes. Other times the whys are more complicated—think Rambo III and The Living Daylights making heroes

How to Spot a Fake-Ass Website

A fake website is a scammer’s attempt to seem like a reputable business, when in reality, they don’t actually provide any goods or services: Their “business” is to trick you into thinking they do, and to get you to pay for it. There are…