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Put Some Plantain Chips in Your PB&J

Photo: Joel Cunningham“Put some potato chips in there” is a sandwich hack so timeworn, I’m hesitant to characterize it as anything more than generally accepted wisdom at this point. What sandwich wouldn’t benefit from extra salt and

What’s New on HBO Max in March 2023

Fire up the meme engines: Succession is coming back to HBO Max on March 26 for what we now know is its final season of corporate and familial back-stabbery. I don’t watch it because I find it too depressing, but I’m happy for everyone who…

What’s New on Netflix in March 2023

In March, Netflix holds onto its unofficial claim as the best platform for new comedy specials. First up is comedy icon Chris Rock taking the stage in Baltimore, Maryland for the first-ever Netflix live streamed global event, Chris Rock:…