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Put Some Plantain Chips in Your PB&J

Photo: Joel Cunningham“Put some potato chips in there” is a sandwich hack so timeworn, I’m hesitant to characterize it as anything more than generally accepted wisdom at this point. What sandwich wouldn’t benefit from extra salt and

These Bacon-Wrapped Banana Bites Are Self Care

Bacon makes everything better. I’m certainly not the first to say it, but that salty, smoky, meat strip is hard to resist. It seems, however, that bacon has met its match. The banana, and its cousins, make everything better too. Luckily for…

What’s New on Prime Video in March 2023

From Hunters, to Paper Girls, to The Peripheral—hell, arguably even The Rings of Power—Amazon seems determined to produce one quality show after another that they can dump a ton of money into and then abandon on the billion-dollar…