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Three Beginner Lifting Mistakes You Can Avoid

Photo: GaudiLab (Shutterstock)There are so many different ways to lift weights that, at first, everything is a learning experience. You’ll do too much or too little, and you’ll discover that you hate certain exercises. But those are the

Nobody Can Agree on What ‘Zone 2’ Cardio Is

Photo: luckyraccoon (Shutterstock)“Zone 2” is the name the fitness world has (mostly) agreed upon to describe the low intensity cardio most of us should be doing. When you’re in zone 2, you’re working hard enough that you start breathing

Let’s Bring Back the Dumbbell Swing

“The ‘swing’ lift is a great favorite in France,” the weightlifter and barbell-maker Alan Calvert wrote in 1911. He described it “rapidly coming into favor in England, along with the ‘snatch’ lift.” But while the snatch grew in popularity,…

Why Your Back Hurts, and What You Can Do About It

Saying “my back hurts” is a bit like saying “my car is making a noise.” It may be serious, or it may be nothing, and only a professional will know for sure. But if you have back pain, especially in your lower back, you’re not alone: By some…

Why 11 Minutes a Day Is Your New Exercise Target

Guidelines tell us we should all be getting 150 minutes of exercise every week, and more if we can. But if that sounds daunting, a new study suggests a number for the amount of exercise that is better than nothing—and it works out to 11…

12 Killer Supersets to Add to Your Next Workout

Who doesn’t love a superset? Pairing two exercises saves time in your main workout, provided the routine allows. And if you’d like to do a quick bit of extra work at the end of the day, a superset is an efficient way to fit it in. So let’s…

10 Versatile Exercises to Do With Tiny Dumbbells

When you’re just starting to work out, small dumbbells are a godsend: You can do the same exercises as everyone else, but with less weight. When we get strong enough, we often leave those little dumbbells behind, and that’s a shame. There…