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So You’ve Googled Your Symptoms

Photo: fizkes (Shutterstock)You know you’re not supposed to consult Dr. Google when what you really need is a real doctor, but you’re here because you did. You had a headache, and now you’re halfway convinced it’s a brain tumor, and you’re

Five Things Scammers Are Hoping You Google

Photo: Thaspol Sangsee (Shutterstock)Humans are predictable:When we want to know something, we’re probably going to google it. Companies (including digital media sites like Lifehacker) know this, and often try to “game the algorithm” by

Upgrade Your Browser With a ChatGPT Sidebar

Screenshot: ChitChatMicrosoft Edge, and only Microsoft Edge, employs artificial intelligence as your browser co-pilot, thanks to the integrated Bing sidebar. But nothing is stopping you, or clever developers, from adding a ChatGPT sidebar

Use Google to Translate Text in Any Image

Let’s say you have an image you need to translate. Maybe it’s a still from a show, and it uses subtitles in another language. Perhaps it’s a photo of a sign with instructions or directions that you can’t read. You might have a screenshot of…

You Can Try DuckDuckGo’s AI Search Right Now

Everyone wants in on AI these days, and for good reason. AI programs and services are pulling in millions of active users and dominating headlines. ChatGPT alone reached 100 million active users within two months. The latest players in the…