Whistleblower says US, China and Russia are in covert ‘arms race’ to seek out UFOs

A UFO whistleblower who sensationally testified to the US Congress earlier this yr concerning the Pentagon’s secret “multi-decade crash retrieval and reverse engineering programme” has claimed that Russian and Chinese businesses are additionally scrambling to seize and analyse extraterrestrial tech.

Speaking to the Robert Pinotti International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research forward of a UFO convention in San Marino, former US Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch mentioned that China undoubtedly had its personal UAP process pressure, and that there had additionally been “engagement” from the Russian authorities.

In an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, he added that the story of UFO crash retrieval goes again even additional than most individuals imagined – going into quite a lot of element a couple of 1933 incident in Italy.

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Grusch told Joe Rogan that the number of crashed alien craft – and their pilots – was 'in double digits'
Grusch advised Joe Rogan that the variety of crashed alien craft – and their pilots – was ‘in double digits’

“Pope Pius XII and the Vatican were involved,” he mentioned, “again channeling it by means of the OSS which turned the CIA, and later to [then-president Franklin D. Roosevelt] and that’s how the US knew one thing bizarre occurred.”

At the same time as the US authorities became aware of the alleged incident, Hitler’s Nazi government was also being sent descriptions of the “saucer-shaped” craft that had allegedly come to ground in the northern Italian province of Lombardy.

He said: “The Italians were so confused they actually called up the Germans and they were like is this one of your Wunderwaffe [secret weapons]? What the hell just crashed in Northern Italy?

“Mussolini asked the Germans to come down, and of course, the Germans said ‘this isn’t one of ours but let’s look at it together’.” Grusch speculated that the opportunity to learn about the spacecraft’s secrets was one of the reasons behind Hitler and Mussolini’s close collaboration during World War Two.

The rivalry between the US and China extends to UFO research, Grusch claims
The rivalry between the US and China extends to UFO analysis, Grusch claims

He additionally claimed to Rogan that the Pope and the Italian Mafia had been additionally concerned in a plot to grab the thriller 20-foot “flying saucer” away from the Axis powers through the later years of the battle.

And this secret UFO arms race remains to be occurring immediately, he claimed. He defined that one of many causes he’s “coy” about sharing sure UFO secrets and techniques he has discovered is as a result of he says he’s “not here to help Russia and China calibrate their intelligence collection.”

“I’m here to protect national security,” he mentioned.

“But I’m simply attempting to place all the final subjects on the market for public dialog, to carry our authorities accountable.”

Grusch claims to have seen evidence that a saucer-shaped craft crashed near Milan in 1933
Grusch claims to have seen proof {that a} saucer-shaped craft crashed close to Milan in 1933

He did reveal, although, that the variety of captured alien spacecraft in America’s assortment is “in the double digits” and cites fibre-optic cables as one of many applied sciences that had been harvested from the crashed crafts.

Grush mentioned that the basic motive he’s attempting to get the US authorities to go public with its UFO analysis is that the revelation might deliver humanity collectively – bringing a far higher profit than just a few technological advances.

“This subject is one of the only unifying topics where if it were announced by the US and other major powers, that have knowledge in a controlled manner, it could change humanity for the better.

“It could make us look inside ourselves, become less divisive, and care maybe a little less about superficial things,” he mentioned.

However, Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough has mentioned that the US Defence Department has not found “any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.”

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