‘I’m sick of being informed to drop some pounds – I like embracing my curvy physique’

One influencer has gone online to slam ‘diet culture’ – saying she’s sick of being told to lose weight.

Bella Davis, from Australia, is known for sharing body acceptance content on Instagram. And in her latest post, she talked about being ‘bombarded with weight loss content’.

The social media star told her 262,000 followers that she’s sick of being recommended ‘faddy diets’, weight loss ads and body transformations online.

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She also admitted that she used to think ‘living in a soft body’ would be the ‘worst thing’, however she’s now come to love her curves.

Bella Davis shares weight loss ads she's been targeted with
She shared some weight loss ads she’s been targeted with

Bella shared a video to document her point, where she was seen watching diet and weight loss ads on her phone while wearing a green bikini. She wrote over it: “In a world full of this… I want to remind you to not feel pressured to change your body just because other people are.”

The influencer was seen scowling at the weight loss ads before happily tapping her stomach and smiling into the camera in the clip.

Elaborating on her point, she captioned the post: “I’ve noticed a shift recently. My feed is beginning to flood with celebrity weight loss transformations, diet fads and weight loss tips. Maybe you’ve noticed it too. Perhaps you’re feeling the pressure to lose weight now more than ever.

Bella Davis poses in a green bikini
Bella says she now embraces her curves

“But as someone who’s yo-yo dieted for years and put her happiness on pause for thinnesses I wanted to remind you that keeping up with body trends isn’t worth the pain.”

She added: “I thought living in a soft body was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. But it wasn’t. Pausing my life, restricting my body’s wants and needs, sacrificing my happiness, mental health and relationships for thinness was.

“Diet culture will convince you that thinness equals beauty, success, confidence and happiness but I’m here to remind you that you are worthy of all of these things right now as you are without changing yourself. You don’t have to change your body just because somebody else is. It’s okay to simply exist.”

Fans were loving the post, as many praised her for speaking out. Someone wrote: “Grateful for you,” while another added: “Our bodies are not trends! Thank you.” A third chimed in: “This is why I adore you.” While a fourth said: “I’ve noticed an increase in this too! Thanks for this reminder my love.”

The post comes after Bella chatted exclusively with Daily Star about her body acceptance posts last year. She said at the time: “I wanted to spread that message [of body acceptance] – especially during lockdown – because I was tired of people telling me I had to leave lockdown the fittest I had ever been.

“Honestly, I was struggling not seeing my loved ones and struggling with the pressure I felt from people online to be thin, so I decided one day I would just upload a photo of my cellulite to my personal account for my friends and family to hopefully encourage them to feel better about themselves.

“After that, I realised I was so passionate about helping others be kind to their bodies.”

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