Woman startled after recognizing ‘one thing small and darkish’ lurking in front room

A woman was surprised when she spotted a ginger animal lurking in her living room, only to realise it wasn’t her cat as she initially thought.

The pet owner’s wild encounter happened when she went to fetch a delivery. As she approached the front door she stumbled upon a young fox cub taking cover behind a desk in her living room.

Taking to Reddit‘s CasualUK subreddit, she wrote: “A baby fox has just let itself into my house and taken up residence under the desk. How is your Monday going? Wildlife rescue are on the way to help.”

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A woman was left startled after finding a baby fox hiding in her living room
The adorable creature gave the woman quite a fright

She even nicknamed the furry intruder. “Meet Leroy,” she added. “He is a confused baby. Was just about to receive my Boba order when I noticed something small and dark definitely not my ginger cat skittering away in the living room. Still puzzled over what made it wander in, but wildlife rescue’s been called for backup.”

Reddit users were quick to gush over the tiny fox, with one writing: “Awwwww he is excruciatingly cute. Wishing him all the best and I hope he gets to make some friends at the wildlife place and either stay there or get safely back to the wild!”

Another commented: “He’s so tiny and scared! Poor baby. I hope they can find him a foster mama and he can go on to live a happy foxy life in the wild.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “Funny looking cat! Seriously though, he’s gorgeous and hope he has a wonderful life back out in the wild when he’s old enough.”

The next day the woman issued an update on her new friend. “Wildlife rescue have taken baby Leroy in now,” she said.

“Said he looks only a couple weeks old and has likely been left behind by mama given how it really committed to coming inside. My house is long and narrow so to get to room he was in, you have to come through 2 rooms, down a hall and then into living room.

“If he was just tempted by the cat food, the bowls are right by the back door (entry point) in the plant room. I was able to get a few snaps as he was being boxed up which are here if anyone wants to coo over baby fox photos. Credit to the wildlife rescue who were here within an hour to help the little dude.”

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