Teacher who ‘had boy’s child’ stated ‘each inch of you excellent,’ court docket hears

A teacher accused of having sex with two teenage boys allegedly told one of them “every inch of you is perfect”.

Maths teacher Rebecca Joynes is currently on trial at Manchester Crown Court where it was heard she also allegedly said he was “all I ever dream about”. The messages are understood to be said to a teenager referred to only as Boy B for legal reasons.

Boy B is also understood to have made Joyness pregnant.

Today, May 14, Joyness was cross-examined for a second day where she accepted inviting the boy back to her apartment when he was 15 years old but was adamant that she had only become “sexually attracted” to him when he had left school, denying taking his virginity shortly after he turned 16.

The trial continues
The trial continues

She also said they had not had sex until after she had been fired from her job.

Joynes also denies having sex with another 15-year-old months earlier. She said she was “ashamed” of her actions and admitted that they had ruined her “dream job”.

In today’s hearing, she was asked about Boy B’s claim she had become “controlling” as their relationship progressed. Reading an extract from a letter she had written for Boy B after he had left school, prosecutor Joe Allman said: “Every inch of you is perfect and you are all I ever dream about.”

She also said: “I know we are struggling right now and are both extremely stressed but I really hope we can work something out to keep this going for a while longer.”

She was cross-examined
She was cross-examined

Asked if the letter was part of a bid to stop him from leaving her, she said: “We were in a relationship, I was in love with him, I was pregnant with his child” and claimed that the letter was written “a year after he left school”.

She would also claim that later on Boy B became “very controlling”.

Joynes admits having a sexual relationship with Boy B – which ended when she told him she was pregnant – but insists it only began after he turned 16.

She denies six counts of sexual activity with a child. The trial continues.