Were you involved about Rishi’s ‘harmful 12 months’s forward’ speech? Take our ballot

‘More will change in the next five years than the last 30’, Rishi Sunak has chillingly warned.

And with the world now being ‘closer to a dangerous nuclear escalation than at any point since the Cuban missile crisis’, we ask if such stark words have got you worried? The Prime Minister says our country is now at a ‘crossroads’, with the next five years being ‘some of the most dangerous’ the UK has ever seen. In a speech in central London, he said an ‘axis of authoritarian states’ including Russia, China, Iran and North Korea pose increasing threats.

He said: “Over the next few years, from our democracy to our economy to our society – to the hardest questions of war and peace – almost every aspect of our lives is going to change. How we act in the face of these changes – not only to keep people safe and secure but to realise the opportunities too – will determine whether or not Britain will succeed in the years to come. And this is the choice facing the country.”

Mr Sunak said Russia, Iran, North Korea and China are “working together to undermine us and our values”. He added that extremists “are also exploiting the global conflicts that divide us” as he heralded his commitment to raise defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.

The PM said the dangers are ‘increasing in number’, including war in Europe and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘recklessness’ which he said had ‘taken us closer to a dangerous nuclear escalation than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis’.

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