Benidorm-loving Wrexham grans go to yearly to look at soccer and neck pictures

A pair of Benidorm-loving Wrexham grans have become unlikely social media stars thanks to their love of boozing, and have no plans to stop any time soon.

Gill, 64, and Mo, 74, have been best friends for more than 15 years after they met playing darts in their local – but are regularly mistaken for twin sisters.

The inseparable Wrexham natives, who are ex-sewing machinists and retired retail assistants, make a yearly pilgrimage to the Costa Blanca hot spot to soak up the sun, get on the sesh and watch their beloved Red Dragons.

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And since 2022, they’ve been posting their shenanigans from the strip, managing to rack up quite the fanbase in the process.

Gill and Mo
Gill(L) and Mo (R) are Wrexham grans who love getting on their yearly sesh in Benidorm

With 20,000 TikTok followers, the pair have won over the masses with their – at times – potty mouths, devotion to Wrexham, post-night out KFC trips and two-seater mobility scooter Benidorm benders.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Gill explained: “Me and Mo think life is too short, we are both mature ladies who like to make the most of life.

“We like to get out and about when we can, have fun and enjoy ourselves – you never know what is around the corner so we live each day as it comes.

“We have many memories together in Benidorm; it would be very hard to pick a specific night [that’s the best].

Gill and Mo
The Wrexham fans have made quite the name for themselves with their carefree antics

Gill and Mo
Gill and Mo take Benidorm!

“However, we enjoy going out most nights to the tribute bars and watching singers and dancers and having a sing-a-long and some shots.

“We love the Benidorm atmosphere and we know our surroundings when we are there. We love going to see the night time shows and everyone is so nice over there.”

For seven years now, the bucket hat-sporting best pals – whose birthdays are just one day apart – have been jetting off on holidays to Benidorm every April and, on occasion, in November too.

The sunny Spanish seaside resort is like a second home for Gill and Mo, mainly because there’s a huge community of Wrexham fans who lay their temporary roots 1,426 miles away in the municipality of Alicante.

Gill and Mo
They know how to have a good night

Although they’re far away from Wrexham, Gill and Mo still get a big slice of it when on holiday – and one Benidorm boozer is apparently quite the place to be for matches.

“We have both lived in Wrexham all of our lives and we are proud to support our home town Wrexham AFC,” Gill gushed when asked about their love for the Red Dragons.

The pint-downing gran continued: “Our children and grandchildren are Wrexham supporters and hold season tickets and go to most games so we like to be a part of the support too, especially when we are away and our hometown play.

“The Wrexham fans have a group on Facebook and post where the game is being played in Benidorm, because of this all the Wrexham fans get together more or less at the same place, The Royal Arrow.

Gill and Mo
They say there’s a big community of Wrexham fans in Benidorm

“And the atmosphere is incredible, including singing our songs and cheering them on. Some comments on the group on Facebook mention this is the Wrexham ‘Benidorm bar’.”

Matchday pub trips prove to be some of Gill and Mo’s most popular and most-watched content. But whether they’re posting themselves slurping cocktails or knocking back pints while watching Wrexham, the grans have certainly caught the attention of the masses.

After receiving a helping hand from Gill’s daughter with figuring out the workings of TikTok, the galivanting grans are certainly a force to be reckoned with within the influencer world.

As their account continues to grow, the pair aren’t putting a halt to their new-found social media stardom anytime soon.

Gill and Mo
The old birds are only just getting started…

Gill concluded: “We didn’t think much would come of it by posting these videos, but with each video we posted, we just kept getting more and more views and comments from many people and the response was amazing.

“The comments saying we make people’s days made us happy, and it’s made us want to continue posting.”

You can find Gill and Mo on TikTok here.