King Charles portrait splits opinion as somebody asks if he is the ‘Antichrist’

King Charles’ official portrait has caused quite a stir with critics branding the new artwork a “monstrosity”.

Marking one year on since his crowning as King, he revealed a remarkable portrait of himself that is strikingly different from typical Royal portraiture. The prominent contemporary artist, Jonathan Yeo, finished the masterpiece which was unveiled on Tuesday (May 14). However, it got tongues wagging on social media.

One spectator commented: “So, King Charles unveiled the first official portrait of himself today. Hmm. Is it just me, or is there a kind of sinister look about it? “.

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The image has sparked debate about the King
The image has sparked debate about the King

The bold piece of art is majorly engulfed in red, chosen to represent the vivid red tunic of the Welsh Guards. Initially commissioned in 2020, the portrait was meant to celebrate 50 years of Charles’ association with The Drapers’ Company in two years’ time.

But, after the unfortunate demise of Queen in 2022, it gained new relevance, now representing the King following his elevation to the throne. There’s a symbolic touch added by incorporating a Monarch butterfly resting on Charles’ shoulder, reports the Mirror.

Interestingly, it was the monarch himself who suggested this feature. Despite the poignant detail, the public remains unconvinced by the new official portrait of King Charles, with many taking to social media to express their scepticism and criticism.

Some claim the King looks like the 'antichrist' in the image
Some claim the King looks like the ‘antichrist’ in the image

One user highlighted the controversial colour choice, remarking: “A portrait of #KingCharles in red: the colour of the blood shed by oppressed peoples under the boot of the British monarchy and its colonial legacy.” The commentary continued with a second user’s dramatic take: “What in the fiery depths of hell is this monstrosity? Is #KingCharles announcing he’s an Antichrist?”

And another user humorously compared the portrait to Han Solo frozen in carbonite from Star Wars, joking: “C3PO: Oh. They’ve encased him in Carbonite. He should remain the monarch for a very long time then. If he survived the freezing process, that is.”

And not missing a beat, another person drew parallels to a haunted painting from Ghostbusters II, sharing: “Why does the new King Charles portrait remind me of this icon from Ghostbusters?”

One fan of the painting wrote: “Simply stunning. Here’s the new portrait of #OurKing which captures HM’s gentle and caring soul. Simply stunning, really.”

Another commented: “A third fan then added: “I like this portrait of #KingCharles, the colour is rich and the image of him somewhat quirky. And the butterfly? An image of transience and vulnerability (as well as a probable nod in the direction of his life-long commitment to the environment)?”

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