UK’s dystopian future if Putin seized management – AI’s 4 chilling predictions

Amid all of the unrest around the world at the moment, it’s fair to say that one of the worst-case scenarios would be for Russia to conquer the UK.

Thankfully this version of WW3 seems unlikely – we’re all more likely to burn in a nuclear fire anyway, right? – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. But what if it did?

As a forward-thinking news site in 2024, we often like to take our insights from the all-knowing geniuses that are free online artificial intelligence chatbots. On this occasion we asked how things would play out if Vladimir Putin got boots on the ground in this green and pleasant land.

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In a slightly one-sided chat with the Daily Star, Google’s Gemini bot explained: “A Russian takeover of the UK is a very unlikely scenario, but here’s a look at some possible consequences if it did happen, in terms of the political landscape, Russia would likely dismantle democratic institutions and establish a more authoritarian system.

Vlad's coming for your job, Rishi! (file)
Vlad’s coming for your job, Rishi! (file)

“Free speech and dissent would be curtailed. The UK’s foreign policy would likely become more closely aligned with Russia’s. The UK might be pulled out of alliances like NATO.”

Regarding the economy, it said: “The takeover would likely cause significant economic disruption. Trade with other Western nations could be restricted, harming the UK’s economy.

Who really knows what Vlad is planning? (file)
Who really knows what Vlad is planning? (file)

Russia might exert control over the UK’s natural resources, potentially impacting energy prices and availability.”

It also discussed the possibility of social unrest, explaining: “There would likely be significant resistance from the British public.

“Protests and unrest could be common. Some people might choose to emigrate from the UK due to political or economic reasons.”

Protest would be on the cards (stock)
Protest would be on the cards (stock)

In terms of the UK’s international impact, the bot noted: “A successful Russian takeover of the UK would be a major blow to the West and could destabilise the global security order. It could embolden Russia to take similar actions in other countries.”

The bot, not wanting to get carried away with grim end-of-the-world worst-case scenarios, did note: “It’s important to remember that this is a hypothetical situation.

It's probably more likely we all die in a nuclear inferno, anyway (stock)
It’s probably more likely we all die in a nuclear inferno, anyway (stock)

“The UK has a strong military and is a member of NATO, which would likely come to its defence in an attack. Additionally, there would likely be strong international opposition to a Russian takeover.”

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