Woman shares uncommon lunch snap – however others fume it appears to be like like ‘cat meals’

A woman’s attempt to rustle up a homemade lunch has been slammed online after her grub was likened to “cat food.”

The amateur cook chef posted her culinary creation to Facebook’s Rate My Plate group, captioning the snap: “Lunch by Lawrie”. The plate featured a fried egg, a modest helping of crinkle-cut chips, and a serving of mince in what looked like gravy, reports the Mirror.

The mince in particular set tongues wagging, with some unimpressed foodies drawing comparisons to something you’d pop in your pet’s bowl. “That is the saddest plate I have ever seen,” one user commented, while another chimed in: “Looks like my cat food.”

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Another observer added: “Never in my life have I seen anyone cook mincemeat and eggs for the same dish.” A fourth chimed in: “I’m sorry to say but my cat just vomited that up on the carpet (minus the chips).”

A Rate My Plate dish has savagely been compared to 'cat food'
That’s a lot of beige

One more was concerned for the chef. They wrote: “All you need now is an episode of EastEnders to push you over the edge! Not so much a culinary triumph as a cry for help!”

Criticism didn’t stop there, with a further group member person blasting, “WTH is that!!! The mince looks okay but the egg looks like it died twice! Where’s the mash and veg? Fries don’t count.”

However some jumped to Lawrie’s defence against the onslaught. “You have quite a luxury cat,” quipped one user.

This dismal offering was dubbed one of Rate My Plate's worst ever dishes
This dismal offering was dubbed one of Rate My Plate’s worst-ever dishes back in 2019

No matter what you make of Lawrie’s culinary creation, it’s bound to outshine Alexander E’s attempt at a Victoria sponge – a cake so tragic it was crowned one of Rate My Plate’s most dismal dishes back in 2019.

“Looks like Spongebob had a love child with a whipped cream can,” one critic blasted. Another piled on: “Easy on the steam roller love… I know you’ve got to give it back to the hire shop tomorrow but I think you’ve had your monies worth.”

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