England’s Euro 2024 desires might be ‘croaked’ due to noisy frogs at resort

England‘s Euro 2024 bid could be wrecked – by noisy frogs keeping our footballers awake at night.

A mass of amphibians live near England’s five-star hotel where Harry Kane and co will stay, the Weimarer Land Golf and Spa resort in Blankenhain, Germany.

Guests who stayed last week complained it was impossible to sleep properly due to all the croaking at night.

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The German couple wrote in a review: “The frogs in the ponds are very loud. You can only sleep poorly with the window open.

“But the hotel is in the countryside, so nature with frogs is part of the experience.”

The Weimarer Land Golf and Spa resort in Blankenhain
The Weimarer Land Golf and Spa resort in Blankenhain looks lovely – but there’s a problem

The vocal croakers, mainly active at night, are drawn to the lake just 30 metres from the hotel, and live mainly in the grass and forest near the resort.

Night-time ‘ribbits’ risk causing tired players, meaning a headache for boss Gareth Southgate and the FA when they move in next month.

A source said: “This is the last thing the FA need. They want a quiet atmosphere for the players as they try to bring football home.”

Harry Kane
Harry Kane and pals could have more than they bargain for at the Euros

Wildlife experts said there is a big population of frogs in the hotel’s district of Weimar, eastern Germany, which has a famous ‘frog fountain’ in the region’s capital city.

European grass frogs are the most common in the area, with tree frogs also, iNaturalist said.

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German nature boffins Waldwissen said: “The European grass frog is found relatively often here.

“It often lives in grass or vegetation in countryside or forests.”

The Weimarer Land resort bills itself as a nature destination
The Weimarer Land resort bills itself as a nature destination

And the Weimarer Land resort, which bills itself as a nature destination, boasts of its location in a “charming field and forest landscape.”

Reptiles Magazine said: “The grass frog has nocturnal habits and is one of the most common amphibians in Germany.”

Players getting a bad night’s sleep has caused problems for England at tournaments before.

The FA was forced to install blackout blinds in the 2018 World Cup hotel in Russia as near 24-hour daylight was keeping players awake.

The Weimarer Land resort did not respond to a request for comment.