Dangers of standing within the rain like moist mop Rishi Sunak – like fungal an infection

A doctor issued a stark warning to those who are willing to get soggy by standing out in the rain without an umbrella.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak braved the worst of the British weather by getting absolutely soaked outside Downing Street yesterday (May 23) to announce the General Election.

But it turns out deciding to stand out in the rain could have some very serious consequences. A doctor has revealed the health risks of the act to Daily Star – and they’re pretty grim.

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Dr. Lawrence Cunningham warned: “Spending extended periods in the rain can lead to several immediate physical discomforts and potential health issues.

Rishi forgot his brolly – but what could this mean for the body?

“Firstly, the body’s core temperature can drop as wet clothes lose their insulating properties, increasing the risk of hypothermia, especially in colder conditions.

“In my experience, patients who have been exposed to rain for lengthy periods often experience shivering, numbness, and a notable drop in energy levels, symptoms that should not be taken lightly.

“From what I’ve observed (and my own experience), standing in the rain for too long can cause the skin to become waterlogged, weakening its defences against bacterial and fungal infections.”

Some might be lucky enough to escape with just a soggy bottom, more laundry or a mild fungal infection. But others who spend too much time standing in the rain risk greater health implications that could prove life-altering, Dr Lawrence said.

man with umbrella
People often use umbrellas to stay dry and well

He shared that those with prolonged exposure to the rain may develop chronic hypothermia or even persistent respiratory problems.

The health professional said: “While occasional brief exposure to rain is unlikely to cause long-term health issues, repeated and prolonged exposure can have more serious consequences.

“Chronic hypothermia, where the body is frequently subjected to cold without sufficient time to recover, can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular stress.

“In my professional dealings, I’ve seen cases where individuals who frequently endured long periods in the rain without proper protection developed recurrent respiratory problems.”

If you stay in the rain too long, you could get a fungal infection…

But, that’s not it. If you’re one to get frequently moist in downpours, then symptoms of pre-existing joint conditions may start to flare up.

He continued: “Another long-term effect to be wary of is the exacerbation of joint pain and stiffness, particularly in individuals with pre-existing joint conditions like arthritis.

“Having dealt with patients who experience aggravated symptoms during rainy or damp conditions, it’s clear that the cold and moisture can significantly impact joint health and comfort.”

Even if our Prime Minister wants to risk the dangers of standing in the rain, we at the Daily Star want to protect our readers from the effects of any downpours.

While a brolly is always a good thing to have to hand, Dr. Lawrence urges that you should wear the appropriate clothing if you know you’re going to be in the rain.

After being in the rain, you need to make sure you dry off properly!

The expert voiced: “To protect yourself from the adverse effects of rain exposure, appropriate clothing is key.

“I always recommend wearing water-resistant or waterproof gear, including jackets, trousers, and footwear.

“These materials help keep the body dry and maintain its core temperature. Additionally, layering is crucial as it provides insulation even when you’re wet.

“It’s also important to limit the duration of exposure. If you find yourself caught in the rain, seek shelter as soon as possible to prevent any potential health issues.”