Dr Michael Mosley feared he would not stay lengthy as horrifying prophecy resurfaces

TV personality Dr Michael Mosley once revealed it was his own father’s death that inspired his commitment to maintaining his personal health, as he revealed no male in his family passed a certain age.

In a 2016 interview, he candidly reflected on losing his dad, who had developed diabetes in his 50s. His father later died from “unrelated heart failure several years after the operation” to remove his prostate, following a blood test discovery of elevated PSA levels.

In response to queries about whether his father’s demise influenced his experimental pursuits, Dr Mosley unhesitatingly responded: “Yes, without a doubt.”

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His father’s funeral served as a “warning from history” as he recounted to The Guardian, as friends noted how much he resembled his dad.

This photograph shows a view of the island of Symi as firefighters take part in a search and rescue operation
This photograph shows a view of the island of Symi as firefighters take part in a search and rescue operation

Asserting his belief that genetics aren’t absolute, Dr Mosley stated: “I do think, on the whole, that genetics are not destiny and you can do something about it.”

He went on to reveal an unsettling fact – no male in his family “has made it beyond 72”.

Dr Mosley, who died aged 67, revealed that he believed he was “a lot healthier” than his father because he hadn’t “followed the same path he did”. Earlier this year in April, the TV doctor shared how his motivation to stay healthy was influenced by his own father’s death.

Dr Mosley revealed that he believed he was ‘a lot healthier’ than his father

He expressed how his dad “hadn’t seen his grandkids grow up”.

“I thought, ‘that’s not a road I want to go down’. My dad, when he retired, basically sat on the sofa and watched sport and that was incredibly bad for him,” Dr Mosley shared with the Telegraph.

The police have stated that Dr Mosley died of “natural causes”, and a coroner in Rhodes confirmed there was no foul play involved in his death on Wednesday (June 5).

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