Euros kits ranked by TV’s Judi James – together with England’s that ‘boasts delight’

Fans and players are limbering up for the start of Euro 2024 but the secret to success could lie in their strips, according to a top TV body language expert.

Judi James believes the design of each country’s kit sends out crucial messages and could be key to morale and victory on the field when the tournament begins in Germany, with the host nation set to face Scotland in the opening game on Friday (June 14).

Here she tells Daily Star Sport what each of the home shirts of the 24 teams in the competition reveal about their mindset, prospects and rates them for pitch power too…

Group A

Ryan Christie of Scotland is seen during the international friendly match between Scotland and Finland at Hampden Park on June 07, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland
Judi James reckons Scotland’s acid yellow trim adds suggestion of surprise and youthful vigour

GERMANY: The hosts have the colours of their flag clamping down on their shoulders like giant hands, reminding them not to take risks. Expert mature and level-headed play.” 8/10

SCOTLAND: Scottish hearts will no doubt beat bravely, despite the rather half-hearted navy tartan pattern. The acid yellow trim does add a suggestion of surprise and youthful vigour. 7/10

HUNGARY: Vampire blood red colouring, with a minimal green and red trim, suggesting they hope to terrify opponents and play with passion when up against it. 6/10

SWITZERLAND: The two-tone red kit features a corporate pinstripe, designed to suggest a business like, approach. But the smiley U-shape looks like they’re trying too hard. 5/10

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Group B

Judi James
Judi James gave Italy a 9/10

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SPAIN: An inspirational shirt combining the best shade of red to inspire courage, plus a strong yellow trim and a large yellow carnation motif which speaks of optimism. Stylish and motivational. 9/10

CROATIA: This time their usual red and white checks are too big to look symmetric or reassuring. Bigger squares make for smaller-looking players. Distracting. 3/10

ITALY: The streamlined blue kit of the trophy holders, with the red, green and white stripes on the shoulders has got solid eye-appeal and a ‘we’re going to win’ vibe. 9/10

ALBANIA: The deep red colouring with the uncompromising, smart black cuffs and collar make a stern, chest-puffing statement of loyalty, pride and courage. 8/10

Group C

Harry Kane of England during the international friendly match between England and Iceland at Wembley Stadium on June 7, 2024 in London, England.
England’s kit ‘boasts pride and belief’

SLOVENIA: Trying to be cool, while at the same time being quite dull, the black graphic design running down the front gives it a ‘street fashion’ look. Style over substance. 3/10

DENMARK: A clever twist on the red shirt sees prints of squares representing over a thousand of the country’s football clubs, giving it a psychological ‘strong army’ kind of tone. 6/10

SERBIA: Ketchup red, with simple blue cuffs and kids’ style paint slashes give this a Toytown appeal. Youthful and fresh, with a chance of flair – but suggesting enthusiasm over experience. 4/10

ENGLAND: A controversial multi-coloured St George’s Cross on the neck risked a muddled message, but the white shirt, with navy trim, still has a classic feel, boasting pride and belief. 8/10

Group D

Kylian Mbappe looks on during the International friendly football match between France and Luxembourg at Saint-Symphorien Stadium in Longeville-les-Metz, eastern France, on June 5, 2024.
France was also awarded with a 9/10

NETHERLANDS: This shade of orange looks like the kit has been back down the launderette a few too many times and lost its vim and sparkle, which could suggest they team’s lacking fizz too. 5/10

FRANCE: Cool, with a bright, rich blue body featuring a huge cockerel. It’s the boastful alpha kit of the tournament, which suggests classy play and plenty of showing off. Smug, but powerful. 9/10

POLAND: This striking kit consists of top-to-toe white block colour with red collar and cuffs. Their eagle, placed centrally on the chest, suggests a bold, high-octane approach. 7/10

AUSTRIA: This slightly dull red shirt has subtle, linear shapes covering the torso, but they look like melting igloos. Designed to play Jedi mind tricks on their opponents? Or just confused? 3/10

Group E

Belgium's midfielder Kevin De Bruyne controls the ball during the International friendly football match between Belgium and Montenegro, at the King Baudouin Stadium
Judi James described Belgium’s kit as wine red

UKRAINE: The blue and yellow has become a byword for strength, resilience and solidarity from the nation bravely fighting Russia …and that’s the narrative of this kit. 9/10

SLOVAKIA: A basic blue and red template, which could demoralise. But there is also something called negative motivational techniques where being a little-noticed underdog actually inspires. 5/10

BELGIUM: This dark, claret wine-red kit looks serious and smart, suggesting good focus with a subtle golden scythe shape, indicating a desire to cut a swathe through the opposition 9/10

ROMANIA: Joyous, youthful and optimistic this block canary yellow effort does suggest putting all your eggs in one basket and a lack of variation or creativity. Keen but naïve. 4/10

Group F

Georgia's midfielder #08 Sandro Altunashvili reacts after scoring a goal during the International friendly football match between Montenegro and Georgia at the City Stadium in Podgorica, on June 9, 2024.
Georgia’s kit was ranked the worst

PORTUGAL: The green and red always has a Santa feel, but this no-frills, well balanced effort suggests a good combination of solid defence and creativeness up front. 7/10

CZECHIA: Those large rampant lions emblazoned across the fabric in a deeper red create a noble look but might cause the team might suffer delusions of grandeur. It’s certainly motivational. 6/10

GEORGIA: A thick red stripe runs down the middle of the white body, but with the odd interruption in it looks indecisive, as if there’s something missing, which could affect their play. 2/10

TURKEY: The strong and wide red band across the chest combines a sense of national pride and solidarity, while ‘puffing out’ to show strength. Expect commitment and physicality. 8/10