Mum mocks attractive mannequin’s dance vid with recreation that leaves individuals in stitches

Comedy mum Celeste Barber injected an extra dose of humour to her Instagram feed when she hilariously mimicked a model’s sultry dance video, entertaining her 9.6million followers.

First finding fame in the TV series All Saints in the early 2000s, the 42-year old Australian star later ventured into comedy and is currently completing a US tour.

The video she shared this week begins with a stunning social media influencer gyrating her toned abs to rhythmic beats, after which the scene cuts to Celeste, who showcases her own moves.

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Wearing only a white top and beige underwear, the mum-of-two can be seen shaking a leg to the same music in her kitchen. She captioned her rib-tickling post: “Rhythm is in the eye of the drunk mum. #celestechallengeaccepted.”

It appeared to go down a storm with her fans, with one devotee responding: “I keep thinking the last one was my favourite, and then you do another one that’s my favourite.” Another wrote: “Love it Celeste as usual. Keep up the brilliant work.”

A third chimed in: “Celeste, your dance is much more powerful and energetic. I loooove it! ” And a fourth added: “I’m always wondering how you’re going to top yourself and you never fail.”

Celeste's followers slammed the influencer's look
Celeste’s followers were confused by the influencer’s clip

On a more serious note, many others praised Celeste for being “real” before hitting out at “influencer” culture. “Your version is way more rational seeming than whatever the first girl was doing,” one fan penned. “And that’s not a cut to the first woman. Just an observation that…whatever she was doing…was really odd.”

A second agreed: “F***ing LOVE your videos… Thank you for being so real and f***ing awesome! ! A third said: “These people must make these videos in hopes that you’ll recreate, right?! Otherwise, why??”