‘AI Steve chatbot’ might change into UK’s first robotic member of parliament

A chatbot could become the country’s first AI MP.

Businessman Steve Endacott’s firm Neural Voice has created the avatar which listens to voters online without his involvement. He lives in Rochdale – 300 miles away from Brighton where his alter ego “AI Steve” would be the representative if it wins on July 4.

Mr Endacott said: “I will do the physical voting but I will be directed entirely by my constituents via AI Steve. That is the whole idea of democracy.

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“You have to put away your own personal politics, your own ego and actually do what your constituents want, which is quite radical in politics.”

Steve Endercott has come up with a new way to 'reinvent democracy'
Steve Endercott has come up with a new way to ‘reinvent democracy’

One voter in Brighton claimed it “is the first time I’ve had a politician listen to me.”

AI Steve’s software records all questions from the public – the real Steve would then follow their wishes in Parliament.

He added: “We’re talking about reinventing democracy here, reconnecting voters directly back to their MPs so they can actually tell them what they want from the comfort of their own home.”

Meanwhile, in other robot take-over news, Ukraine is using an army of experimental robots to turn the tide in the war with Russia.

Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated
Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated

For months President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been sending robots to do a range of tasks including demolishing bridges, transporting supplies and evacuating wounded troops.

And now they are being used to attack Russian frontline soldiers using powerful explosives and machine guns, the Telegraph reports.

In March, more than 50 robots were sent to the front lines. In February there were reports of Russian infantrymen being attacked by a combat robot equipped with a machine gun at a Ukrainian bunker outside the Donetsk region city of Avdiivka.

First-person view (FPV) drones are also being loaded up with explosives and controlled from miles away to attack Russian trenches from above.

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