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The Real Reason You (Still) Watch Reality TV

On day one of shooting season five of Love Is Blind, a junior staffer walked into the control room and told executive producers Chris Coelen and Ally Simpson, who oversee every aspect of the popular Netflix dating series, that there was a…

Hip Hop’s Surprising, Never-Ending Evolutions

The most, and least, surprising fact of hip hop’s golden jubilee is its longevity. It wasn't supposed to last this long, but survival was its only option. From a Bronx dance floor in August 1973, hip hop was born: a union of rhyme, beat,…

How to Actually Find Good Recipes Online

Ever been catfished by a recipe that ranks at the top of your Google search but turns out meh when you make it yourself? Google does mean well by favoring longer, keyword-rich posts, videos, and studio-quality photography in its…

How to Save Wilted Roses in Your Garden

Photo: Evgeny Belenkov (Shutterstock)Rose bushes have long been a popular foundation plant, often positioned in front of windows so that people inside can enjoy the blooms—which often appear in the spring and stick around until early fall.